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Hanne Beutels, wife, mother of two, and official designer of handbags since 2010, speaks with a soft tone of voice, looks at the world with two blue eyes, and tries to color the world a little more beautiful by creating handbags out of old leather jackets and / or by using vegetal tanned leather. It all began with her grandmother’s sewing machine and a patchwork of fabrics from her mother. What once started as a hobby has turned into a passion and a career.

Hanne Beutels

From jacket to handbag

Hanne graduated as an interior designer, but while searching for a job in this discipline, she started to design and create handbags. Her specialty lies in combining different kinds of materials that she selects from the materials she finds in fabric shops, charity shops, or the materials that she receives from other people. The combination of recycled leather and textile, the use of the vegetal tanned leather and the simple lines of her designs describe her work well. “I work very intuitively, with a strong eye toward detail. And every piece I make is exclusive and unique because all of the fabrics I use are limited in quantity.”

Hanne Beutels handbag

Hanne Beutels

Hanne is cautious about her selection of recycled fabric pieces: “Not every leather jacket I receive is qualified to be used. The leather has to be smooth, workable, and has to ‘feel’ good.” It is no surprise that Hanne prefers to work with materials with a second life and ‘used’ surface.

Room for creativity

“Although I grew up in a rather protective environment, I have always been encouraged to do what I wanted to do and to explore my creativity. Together with my parents and two older brothers, we lived in a big house in Lichtaart (Belgium) with a lot of room for creativity.” This protective and creative space triggered Hanne to develop the creative part of her personality. Her eye for detail and interest in beauty were already inherently present at a young age.

atelier Hanne Beutels

Night owl

In case of Hanne Beutels, it’s true what they say: an evening person is often more creative. “I am more of an evening person. I try to do some production and administration during the daytime, while the best ideas and the enthusiasm to try something new always pop-up after 4PM.” This means that Hanne doesn’t live according to a fixed day planning or structure (“It doesn’t work for me”), but tries to follow her personal rhythm, surrounded by natural light, nature, music, or silence.

Knowing this, it goes without saying that Hanne doesn’t follow seasons or trends, and only comes out with a new collection when the time is right.

A fixed planning during the day doesn’t work for me

Hanne Beutels

Functional pureness

Hanne is someone who stands in life in a pure way. No makeup, nor small jewelry or other accessories beside bracelets, with a big exception for ‘handbags’ of course. “It can be the finishing touch to your outfit.” Her personal preference is given to large handbags that have to be practical and great to look at. The functional aspect is important.

Green girl

I wanted to know why Hanne had chosen this environmentally fashion forward path. It’s clear that this green girl wants to contribute to a better and cleaner world. Her way of doing this is working with secondhand materials and vegetal tanned leather. “I always have been a ‘green girl’, supporting Greenpeace, WWF, etc., and I also experienced the impact of chemicals that are used during the leather tanning by myself on my hands. Also, in daily life, I try to act more consciously and implement some small things that make a difference (vegetable garden, reducing water consumption, limiting meat consumption, etc.).”

Hanne Beutels

Beside some strong details, I provide my handbags with a good belt and I personally also appreciate the presence of a zipper.


I like this night owl, building her dreams during evenings while contributing to a better, cleaner, and greener world. She prefers action, rather than words.

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The maker Hanne Beutels / Designer handbags

I work very intuitively, with a lot of eye for detail.

  • Shoulderbag Julienne

    Shoulderbag ‘Julienne’ is very cute and big enough to carry all of your precious things, without getting too tight. The hands free style of this refined brown kaki green bag makes it a great “grab and go” accessory, during daytime but is also ideal for a night out. And what’s more, no need to waste time anymore in front of your wardrobe, because this sober kaki colour fits your outfits easily. You’re never outdated anymore when setting off with this timeless bag.


    • Dimensions: 17 cm x 22 cm , 2 compartments inside
    • Material : vegetable tanned Italian leather, will develop a natural patina, handmade in Belgium, adjustable strap (110 cm), magnetic closure
    • Color: Brown kaki green
    Maker: Hanne Beutels


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    Julienne schoudertas
    Julienne schoudertasJulienne schoudertas

    Product Description

    This small shoulderbag Julienne by Hanne Beutels is vegetable tanned, whereby the hide is processed in a natural way, without the use of harmful chemicals. It’s a traditional and artisan process that uses the tannic acid of various plants, with the aid of bark, branches, leaves, or even some fruits in a number of specific techniques.

    I work very intuitively, with a lot of eye for detail.

    Hanne Beutels / Designer handbags
    Other works by

    Hanne Beutels

    The product Shoulderbag Julienne
    by Hanne Beutels  240,00

Product designer Linde Hermans uses her infinite creativity to tell tales through various designs and materials. Linde’s home and studio invite you to discover. Small and big surprises, because that’s what her creations certainly are. All topped with the necessary know-how and a dash of Linde. During our conversation Linde describes herself often as ‘ordinary'. But when you know what this lady is capable of, then you know that there is another hidden layer to this ‘ordinary'. And that is ‘extra-ordinary’.

Little moments and copper wire

The young Linde grew up together with her younger brother in a cozy home. A home where museum visits had priority over amusement parks, and where doing things together weren’t merely a wish, but a daily given instead. Going for a walk with the family, for instance, was one of these ‘little moments’. One that she - being a mom of three sons – often does herself and considers a precious moment of daily life. “I still like to walk a lot. And our children, of course, have to come along,” she smiles.

LINDE Hermans atelier

Atelier Linde

Nobody knew at the time, that her pastime with copper wires and interest in science would lead to several masterpieces later. However, it was obvious that this creative dreamer would use the language of creation for the rest of her life.

Dash of Linde

Linde’s language is her design, and vice versa. Nothing just exists and everything is emotion. Inspired by fairytales, images and symbols she sometimes creates her objects are sometimes serious and other times they are impish. From ceramics and textile, to leather bags and interior design objects, to scenography and installations in public spaces. This creative dreamer refused to be boxed into one box. Visit Rodeschoentjes and Linde Hermans to find out for yourself how she fits in multiple boxes.

LINDE Hermans spiegel

Stairs. You see a ladder, but it is a staircase.

Materialpoet in red shoes

Linde often chooses the material to start with. The story is less present in this case. She explains: “The story has to be present. Especially when I create something purely for myself and not for a customer. For myself I always add this poetic side, which often develops during the process of creation, but sometimes it’s already there from the start."

Mijmermonologen. 10 schalen, 101 woorden, 1 verhaal.

Musing Monologues. 10 works, 101 words, 1 story. (click for more information)

And then there is this 'red' thing. Linde herself often walks around clad in dark colours such as black or dark blue. There is nothing about her or her work that draws explicit attention. Even the impish wink in her work or the titles of it often are subtle and soft.

The question what’s with that colour of red, she answers with a smile. “I don’t really know. I attracts me as much as it repels me. It is fantastic to see somebody wearing a red garment, because it shows self-confidence.” Is this then the reason?

Her own collection she knowingly named Red Shoes. Because that’s just what 100% Linde means.

Red shoes

Stands for childlike fantasy and imagination. The joy of an infinite dance. The beauty of a pair of red shoes in the window. A collection that tells a tale or allows you to float away in dreams.
Inspired by stories, images, symbols, ...


Tilting Soup Bowl

Give me time

“In order to be creative, time and tranquility are of the utmost importance. It is a constant quest for equilibrium between my family and my work. I try not to stress myself too much with this. It is what it is.” Linde does not have a plan. She never had. But instead she has a lot of dreams, inspiration and an unfailing power to accomplish things. Now she only needs the time and tranquility to be able to do the thing she does best. Creating.


A day after we met, Linde writes the following: “I actually gave it a thought more than once that I would like to create music. And I don’t just mean playing an instrument, but creating a real piece of music, even though I don’t know anything about it. A good dance song or something... to shake a leg. I always envied dancers, actors and musicians.” Isn’t it marvelous, how the language of design has so many shapes, imaginations and desires?

Pictures: Renaat Nys & Vicky Janssen

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The maker Linde Hermans / Product Designer

I enjoy the 'little moments' in life, like taking a walk for instance.

  • 10 plates, 101 words, 1 story

    10 plates as a comfort zone around an old metal figurine, was one of many concepts conceived by product designer and creative dreamer Linde Hermans. Two companions and three years later, the complete set of Musing Monologues is ready to be shown. The 10 plates come alive through a monologue that is told in exactly 101 words. Together they are 1 story. Musing monologues is a charming invitation to self-reflection for everyone out there: Are you a dreamer? A hunter or a rebel? Or do you recognize yourself or someone else in the character of hope or the pursuit of harmony? Listen to the monologues of Pepijn, Helena, Gerd, Mick, Jacob, Elisabeth, Leon, Jesse and Eden, Seth and Rien. And step into the wonderful world of Musing Monologues. Don’t forget to take a look at the unique and inspiring postcard package ‘art by post’, that bundles the 10 Musing Monologues in a postcard format.

    Maker: Linde Hermans

    Mijmermonologen. 10 schalen, 101 woorden, 1 verhaal.
    Mijmermonologen. 10 schalen, 101 woorden, 1 verhaal.MijmermonologenMijmermonologen. 10 schalen, 101 woorden, 1 verhaal.Mijmermonologen. 10 schalen, 101 woorden, 1 verhaal.Mijmermonologen. 10 schalen, 101 woorden, 1 verhaal.Mijmermonologen. 10 schalen, 101 woorden, 1 verhaal.Kunst per post postkaartpakketKunst per postKunst per post

    Product Description

    About the project

    The project Musing Monologues was created during a first visit by LECHAPERON-animator Vicky Janssen to the studio of the Belgian Product Designer Linde Hermans in Houthalen. A personal feeling, the same vision and approach soon led to a collaboration between the two creative ladies. In order to bring the characters of Musing Monologues to life, they called in the writing pen of Petra Thomas. The enthusiasm, dedication and motivation of this complementary three-headed team resulted in 10 plates, 101 words and 1 story.


    Linde Hermans (1974) is Product Designer and uses her infinite creativity to tell stories. Her language is her design. Nothing just exists and everything is emotion. Inspired by fairytales, images and symbols she sometimes creates her objects are sometimes serious and other times they are impish. From ceramics and textile, to leather bags and interior design objects, to scenography and installations in public spaces. Always topped with the necessary know-how and a dash of Linde. The creation of the 10 Musing Monologues is one of the many realisations of this creative dreamer.

    Petra Thomas (1978) is a writer and calls herself a professional doubter and coffee drinker. Since a few years ago Petra writes about everything and nothing on her blog ‘Niemen(d)alletjes’. With her warm and intimate personality, she touches your heart and leads you to little moments, taken out of life. And each and every time she hits the spot. Petra Thomas wrote the 10 Musing Monologues in exactly 101 words.

    Vicky Janssen (1981) is a freelance copywriter and initiator of this online gallery LECHAPERON. She goes her own way and likes to be surprised by a personal encounter, a story and the creativity of the moment. She is the glue, the extra layer, that connects everything and everyone. Sometimes in the form of an online gallery, sometimes in the form of an idea, an encounter or a story. Like the Musing Monologues project, for instance.

    I enjoy the 'little moments' in life, like taking a walk for instance.

    Linde Hermans / Product Designer
    The product 10 plates, 101 words, 1 story
    by Linde Hermans

It’s the second time I meet CARLL CNEUT, for LECHAPERON. The first time we met over a good glass of La Boutine in Apéro d’Oc, but today Carll invited me to Moor&Moor over a cup of coffee (or two), in Ghent. The city where Carll lives and works when he’s not traveling abroad for his work as an illustrator. A very honored and rewarded illustrator who is known for his nostalgic images, the tiny details and his unique time-consuming ‘layer’-painting technique. It is still early morning and a warm summer breeze is already present. It’s was going to be a good day.

Knight Carll

No one knows, but years ago, there was a little knight, named Carll, who lived in Geluwe, an outlying village in West-Flanders, Belgium. He had two sisters who weren’t interested in the adventures of knight Carll that much, so he made up his own fantasy world. Growing up, knight Carll slowly disappeared, however the fantasy world he lived in is still subsisting nowadays in Carll Cneut’s head.

Today Carll shares his imaginary world with us through his many beautiful book illustrations. Even though his work is generally defined as nostalgic & melancholic, Carll isn’t engrossed with the past in daily life. On the contrary, he is a happy person who embraces life at 200%.

Carll Cneut Acryl paint

Maybe I put all of the sadness that I have in me in my drawings?

Willy the elephant

Throughout his childhood, it was clear that Carll wanted to use his creativity. He had decided to become a baker ‘to make the most beautiful pies ever’. I’m sure that his pies would have been the most beautiful ones in the world, but oh boy, are we glad it turned out differently! Cook, lawyer, architect, circus artist, … were also on his list of potential jobs. Eventually he started his career as a graphic designer and enrolled into the job of an illustrator rather by accident. A colleague fell ill, and Carll was asked to take over the illustration tasks. Since then he combined graphic design with some illustration assignments.

At first, illustrating was just a job to him. For years Carll has been struggling with how he wanted to fulfill the definition of the illustrator he wanted to be. At age of 30, ‘being an illustrator’ became real when ‘Willy’ was created. ‘Willy’ is a story about an elephant celebrating elements that make each person unique. This was Carll’s turning point.

“My first three books were illustrations in poetry books. Willy was the first book with a storyflow. This was the first time I really understood the work. As from that moment I also understood the illustrator I wanted to be. It is hard to explain, but everything fell together. I liked what I was doing and I felt I could really mean something as an illustrator.”

In 2000, the book Willy was awarded for ‘best illustration’ by Boekenpauw and many national and international awards followed over the next 15 years.

Willy the elephant
- Image book cover Willy, 1999 (De Eenhoorn) -

Brad Holland
- Brad Holland -

Try. Do. Do again. And again. Keep doing. Success.

Not many illustrators paint their work, but Carll is one of them. His early admiration for the American artist / illustrator Brad Holland was his motive to use paint for his drawings. Yes, Carll was talented. No, he wasn’t extremely good at painting nor did he have a lot of experience. But his ambitious nature and drive to succeed were determinative. It sounds very simple, but it wasn’t. Carll taught himself, with success, how to paint and it took years to master certain techniques.

Even today he’s still learning. With each new assignment Carll tries to improve his previous work. “That’s who I am”, he explains. “In everything I do, I try to improve and to challenge myself to do better. It overtakes me. And it never stops. I always want to achieve something, I set myself goals. Even when riding my bike in the city! (he laughs) I can’t explain why I’m being silly in that way, but that’s how it is. My biggest fear is the feeling of marking time. I think that deep inside, I am lazy. That’s why I disciplined myself to get up every morning and work until evening. If I don’t do it this way, I easily slip into doing nothing. And doing nothing feels uncomfortable to me.”

Reprint painting image ‘Blue bird’ by Carll Cneut for LECHAPERON


Signature CC2

Perfectly imperfect.

Carll uses different layers when painting, most of the time with Acryl, to make his new high-textured world come alive. With every new assignment, Carll tries to capture the story in 15 or 16 essential images and defines an atmosphere. Then he begins to sketch, cut and paste the texts and pictures until the book is ‘finished’. That’s where the painting begins. At that moment he already exactly imagined how the picture will look like in the end. Every color, every detail, every space is pre-defined. The combination of subtle and saturated colors and his strong compositions make his drawings original and unique. He also literally invites and challenges the readers to create their own world by drawing incomplete pictures.

This whole process is very time-consuming. One book image can sometimes easily take one week to more than a month! If he could, Carll would change his working method, but he simply can’t. He tried it once, but he had to start all over again because he wasn’t satisfied with the result.

Be happy with what you have while working for what you want

It suddenly strikes me that many things in Carll’s life are the result of going along with his gut feeling: when starting a new collaboration for a book or a project, when selecting a story, when meeting people or discovering a new location. If it FEELS right, he’s very loyal to people, things and places. “I don’t need much to be happy. I don’t need to travel far. I like being where I am. Having my friends and family around, and being able to do what I like is perfect”.

If something is good, why should I look any further?

In my head exhibition

In my head

From December 2014 till May 2015 an inspiring exhibition from Carll took place in Ghent. People could wander around in his head. Literally. The exhibition offered people an insight in his fantasy world, his rich oeuvre as an illustrator, but also his daily life from childhood up to today. He also insisted on moving his atelier for almost 6 months to the exhibition in the St. Peter’s Abbey (it was a copy of his own atelier to give insight in how he works). It was overwhelming: 50.000 people visited the exposition and dropped by in his atelier to have a chat, to get their books signed or to see how Carll works.

We (husband, son and I) were also there. I have never ever seen so many smiling faces together during an exposition. Not one single negative comment was given. Carll recognizes that the success of this event was only made possible with the help and the support of many other people. “I can only explain how it was, but I can’t put into words how I experienced this. It was an intense period and I’m very glad that I had the opportunity to do this”, he says.

During the exposition, I noticed that many people called me Carll Cneut instead of Carll. It’s just Carll, you know. People from outside make the distinction between Carll the illustrator and Carll the person, but there is only one.

To Carll it was also striking to see how things grew organically. One day in his atelier a man took some paper, drew a bird and attached the drawing to the wall. Many others followed. His atelier became his own ‘golden cage’ surrounded by the many birds, drawn by people who admire his work.

Image Golden Cage Carll Cneut
Golden Cage image (2014, De Eenhoorn)

Carll Cneut's Golden Cage IN MY HEAD
Carll Cneut in his own ‘Golden cage’ during the ‘In my head’ exhibition (picture Flanders Today, Sept. 2015)


There is one moment in his whole career where the younger Carll Cneut – flattered by the attention from outside – compromised on one of his works by giving in to other’s instructions. He still regrets this. It became his biggest lesson in work life, but also in life in general. He knows that he performs best when he feels that people trust him 100% and when he is allowed to be whom he is. Since then he always strives to stay true to himself.

Biggest achievement in life

When asking Carll about his biggest achievement in life until now, he answers the exposition IN MY HEAD in Ghent. Later on, when the recorder has stopped and we’re chitchatting in the sun, Carll comes back to this question and says “Maybe my biggest achievement in life is just ‘staying true to myself’ because I think I succeeded well in that part”.


Carll Cneut. There he goes. Always with a vivid pace. A great artist and a great person in one, who stands out because of his humility and humanity. “You sound very happy”, the husband says after spending my day in the presence of Carll Cneut. I smile. Apparently, that’s what Carll does to people…

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The maker Carll Cneut / Illustrator

I don’t need much to be happy ... having friends and family around and being able to do what I like is perfect.

  • Pencil drawing 12

    This pencil drawing N°12 out of 12 by illustrator Carll Cneut is a one of a kind and therefore unique. A donkey in the classroom. Do you remember it from the old days?
    For students who did not perform well, there used to be the ass hat. And we as a viewer had stood there watching. 

    The pencil drawings are the result of various character studies. By focusing on the making process of a character and making it permanent by means of a pencil drawing, you are invited to look at the apparent simplicity with which a new character comes to life. More info about this one year project can be found below the pictures.


    • One of a kind
    • Measurements : ca. 37 cm x 24.6 cm
    • Material : Sketch paper
    • Pencil drawing signed by Carll Cneut
    Maker: Carll Cneut


    Out of stock

    Potloodtekening N°12 Carll Cneut

    Product Description

    From June 2017 until May 2018, illustrator Carll Cneut introduces 12 various pencil drawings via LECHAPERON. The introduction of these pencil drawings are a look behind the scenes of the creation of a character and it lets you get acquainted with different characters in their most pure form. This one year project presents you a piece of Carll Cneut, seen from another angle : stripped, unique and affordable.

    → Mark your calendar : until May 2018, LECHAPERON introduces each 15th of the month a new sketch will be presented. Do not hesitate too long, because each drawing is a one of a kind ←

    In 2015, LECHAPERON already introduced the very first reproduction of an original work by Carll Cneut (‘de blauwe vogel‘) on the market in a limited edition series. The collaboration between the illustrator and LECHAPERON continues with this unique series pencil drawings and a new reproduction of the original painting ‘Heksenfee‘.

    I don’t need much to be happy ... having friends and family around and being able to do what I like is perfect.

    Carll Cneut / Illustrator
    Other works by

    Carll Cneut

    The product Pencil drawing 12
    by Carll Cneut  250,00

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