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Above me a piece of a colored glass ceiling, to my left a mesh of colors and lines covering barstools, and on the right there is a wall rack from the Jean collection. The workspace where I am breathes GRiNT. This Belgian label represents playful and lively interior objects, which are clear and functional. And their strong graphic language permeates all of it consistently. 

GRiNT officeGlass ceiling in office of GRiNT

Michiel Goethals and Mattias van Mieghem are the two creative brains with golden hands behind this successful design and product story. A complementary team that besides passion and craftsmanship, also shares a beautiful friendship. An ideal formula, so it seems, which sprouts the finest creations, surprising each time with simplicity and originality.

Friend & colleague

High school in architectural design brought both gentlemen together. Afterwards Michiel dove into graphic design, while Mattias focused on design and furniture design. Neither of them intended to venture out on their own after graduation, so years ago both decided to join forces by means of GRiNT.

Creatives behind GRiNTMichiel (left) and Mattias, two creative brains behind GRiNT

“The drive to to this together and to roll up our sleeves motivated us from the start.” The name GRiNT illustrates their differences in background, which at the same time is the power of this complementary duo. Throughout the years their relationship evolved from classmate to friend, from friend into colleague and later even into framily (a combination of friends and family). “We've always been best mates. After my studies illustration, I dreaded to start for myself alone,” says Michiel smiling.

Being an illustrator is quite lonely and those lonely moments are not for me. (Michiel)

Creating by doing 

Michiel and Mattias are not the wait and see types. They rather lock themselves up in their studio in search for new ideas and designs for various interior projects and objects. Their love for the trade, their aesthetic eye and the striking line and color patterns with graphic influences determine the final product.

GRiNT officeOffice GRiNT showing the typical graphic style

All prototypes are initially designed in their own studio. Why? Simply because that’s where the magic happens. “After having spent some time behind the drawing board, there is always the need to move and the desire to do something in the studio."

A lot happens when you start doing something. One idea nurtures another.

Perpetuum mobile

The story of Michiel and Mattias brings up the image of a perpetual mobile in me. From their unique individuality one is pushing the other forward. One speaks abundantly and the other complements where necessary. When I try to find out what they admire in each other, it once more becomes evident how much both gentlemen are focused on doing. And just need a few words to understand each other. For even Michiel falls silent for a moment.

Atelier GRiNT Atelier GRiNT[/caption]

Gosh, Mattias manages to create a very good framework within which we can and have to work. On my own I would never succeed in that. I draw a lot of energy from creating something together. Otherwise I would be some sort of loner, I am afraid.” Michiel’s wild brainwaves are channeled and made tangible by the sense of reality of Mattias, and vice verse Michiel drives Mattias to new ideas and ways of executing them. Mattias continues: “Michiel is the man with copious amounts of ideas. He is always very enthusiastic about a certain idea. That fuels me to realise these ideas."

GRiNT item

In spite of the clear division of labor, both gentlemen get the most satisfaction from creating something new. The interaction between a new idea and its execution is a game they both play gladly. In 2016 GRiNT was allowed to create a design for the label Serax. An accomplishment they both – rightfully – are very proud of.


These entrepreneurs see themselves not as strategists who plan out their whole future in advance. On the contrary, both Mattias and Michiel follow their gut feeling from the very start. Looking back now and then and setting out a new direction is also part of this. And meanwhile they go ahead like they have always done. Because experience shows that at GRiNT the most beautiful things emerge by ‘doing’.


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The maker GRiNT / Interior design

Something magical happens by doing. One idea feeds another.

  • Tray Charles

    TRAY CHARLES stands for timeless and sleek design with a touch of vintage for your interior. It’s a limited edition series of 15 items. The idea of this ‘house design’ has resulted from interior project that the makers were working on. One idea feeds another. This tray and 2 coasters contain the typical graphic lines and vintage look of the Belgian design label GRiNT.


    • Material : messing with foam rubber at the bottom (tray + 2 coasters)
    • Vintage look, protecting coating
    • Measurements: 350 x 320 x 26mm
    • Contact me for private appointment via
    Maker: GRiNT


    13 in stock

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    Tray Charles
    Tray Charles

    Product Description

    PLATEAU CHARLES was created by the Belgian label GRiNT. This label stands for playful and lively interior objects that are transparent and functional. The strong graphic style determines its timeless and sleek design. Simple and original, ordinary and yet distinctive. The love for craftsmanship, an aesthetic eye and the striking line and color patterns with graphic impact determine each end product made by GRiNT. The name GRiNT stands for Graphic design and Interior and furniture design, referring to the studies of the two creative brains behind this beautiful interior label.

    Something magical happens by doing. One idea feeds another.

    GRiNT / Interior design
    The product Tray Charles
    by GRiNT  140,00

Artist Roos van de Velde 's openness and spontaneous honesty are contagious. She doesn’t allow people to label her and so far only does what she does best: staying close to herself and creating beauty in an intuitive way. She has a very distinct lifestyle and view on life, which others would call ‘different’. However, one thing is certain: Roos doesn’t leave you untouched. She receives you with open arms, guides you through her wonderful world and fully conquers you with her laughter and candor. Enter her universe where nature, light and love are central.

A reading tip: do not read the portrait in one time (unless you like it that much ;-)), because there is a lot of reading. But if you have the time or find the time to do it, please do. We all can learn something from this lady.

Nomen est omen

The Romans knew it all along. The name tells you something about somebody’s fate. In case of Roos van de Velde they couldn’t be more true. She was raised amidst the sloping fields of Payottenland in a family of hardworking entrepreneurs with two sisters and a brother, with whom Roos shared nothing in common. She found refuge in the beauty of nature and created a strong bond with the trees.

My parents owned a gas station, a bar, a logistics company, a feed and fertilizer business, a farm with fields, an orchard, a vegetable garden... They were always busy. We were mobilized as well and always had to be ready for customers. It was a world far away from mine. At that time I already knew I would be taking care of myself, independent from others. My grandmother has always been my guardian angel, under her loving wings, I always felt safe.

Roos van de Velde tuin

At early age Roos created her own green and unique world. It was then that she decided to only do things for herself. “Because every day I reluctantly had to go to school, I realized very soon that I could never handle a job in employment.”


Roos describes herself as shy, already when she was a child, but this feature did not stop her from choosing an education in arts and later an unfinished education in Ceramics at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. This choice for ceramics was strongly determined by a strong attraction towards the light space with a lot of glass and on the other hand by the necessity to craft things she could use herself.

"Where does an engine gets its gas from? I just wanted to create my own world. That’s what started it all. Creating my own world was a way to survive in the for me very strange environment I had ended up in. When I just started, I had nothing and thus needed a lot, like for example dinnerware to eat from. However, I just kept on creating dinnerware, because in every dish or part of nature I saw a new series of dinnerware,” she says. “At that time, it was never my goal to show it to the world...”

Roos van de Velde ceramics

“In hindsight it was a good thing that I didn’t finish my education, because it allowed me to develop myself in total freedom. I knowingly refused to visit the ceramics exhibitions to avoid outside influences,” says Roos. An official diploma turned out to be unnecessary for this planner to discover her world. Soon, Roos was recognized for her unique creations in the Netherlands and abroad.

Today her dinnerware is in production and also used in handmade limited editions by the culinary world: El celler de can Roca in Gerona; Albert Adria (El Bulli) in Spain; Jean-Georges New York,  Japan, Dubai; Jonnie Boer in the Netherlands; Maison Bras in France; Arabelle Meirlaen and San Hoong Degeimbre L’Air du Temps in Belgium.

Roos van de Velde atelier

Fairytales aren’t real

Entering Roos’ house is like entering a fairytale world. Organic forms everywhere, nature is present inside as well as outside and everything flows effortlessly into each other. And yet Roos has nothing in common with fairytales. “Oh no! I have nothing in common with fairytales. I don’t like fake. Everything I make needs to ‘stir’, needs to have a soul, touch, and above all needs to be real. And fairytales aren’t.”

 Roos van de Velde huis


Rituals. Our daily life is full of them. Nope, not habits. Repeated actions or gestures following a certain pattern with a meaning or symbolism connected to an event or location. Rituals it is. Roos has them and applies them. With everything she does. “With everything I do and for the intentions with which I do them, I return to nature, especially to the trees, which are grounded. This connection needs to be there to give every creation a soul.”

Roos van de Velde muur spreuk

Light and love in everything you do, is a saying written on the wall next to the kneading table, which reminds Roos to be focused when she is kneading, gazing into infinity.

In addition, Roos mixes ethereal oils in the various materials she uses, and also the incense from Japanese temples that give this ritual its meaning. “All those fires change my emotions while I work, like it attracts spirits who fill the room.”

 If you believe in something strong enough, it will come to you.

Roos van de Velde atelier


There is beauty in imperfection. Roos sees it and lives for it. Imperfect impeccability makes her work so recognizable. So strong. So beautiful. Damage isn’t hidden, but amplified. Imperfection speaks. Kintsugi, originated in Japan, is a technique from the 15th century, where fractures or broken pottery are repaired (with gold foil) and where each fracture purposely is accentuated instead of camouflaged. A technique Roos often applies in her work and that is in line with her daily life as well. Only Roos doesn’t use gold foil, but she repairs the fractures and fissures with lac from the Japanese Urushi tree. Broken. Yes, but no less beautiful. On the contrary.


This Japanese influence can’t be ignored in Roos’ work and life. The simplicity, wabi-sabi, nutrition and nature are unflagging sources of inspiration. However, moving to Japan and building a life there is no option. “Nonetheless is there this returning image present: I see myself living in a traditional house in the mountains, surrounded by forests. But then there is reason, which faces reality and the changing times. My vision is a remembrance of a life in a world which is disappearing. I have not yet found this in Japan. I realize as female I could never do my thing there, it’s still a men’s world out there.” Then yet a reason why Roos has ended up among her family. “All what happens, happens for a reason and with time I pick up more and more proof for this.”

 Roos van de Velde steen

Japanese interior design uses the principle ‘less is more’: sober, elegant and a sense of tranquility. When you walk downstairs Roos’ house, this Japanese simplicity seems nowhere to be found.

Who uses his eyes well enough, will soon discover the Japanese influences: green spots of nature present everywhere, the little wooden Japanese boxes and crates full of porcelain, the many Japanese labels on the clay walls, Kozo leaves with Japanese calligraphic intentions next to the water pitcher, the wonderful tea boxes, Japanese cast iron cookware, a cupboard full of dinnerware with authentic Japanese reed sliding doors, kiku bamboo and many culinary utensils. There is even a Japanese water filter.

Roos van de Velde persoonlijk boekje

A nice mix between east, west and south due to an African touch here and there. And upstairs the link with Japan is even more intense: dark wood, clay with straw on the walls, a Tatami matt, a (wonderful) authentic Japanese staircase, suitcases, cupboards and Japanese Shoji screens, which Roos repairs herself with kozo paper and paints. “When Japanese girlfriends visit me, they get the feeling they are visiting their grandma,” says Roos with a smile.

Roos van de Velde atelier

I do it myself

All designs originate from an urge to create something. By now we know that nature plays a central role in this. And simplicity.Roos finds this simplicity in creating things that meet her basic needs. “I have to be able to leave my signature everywhere, whether I design clothes, new dinnerware, a closet, a table or I am kneading sourdough for making bread...

All utensils with which she surrounds herself daily, are home-made by her. And preferably 100% natural: dinnerware (you never can have enough dinnerware), clothes, tables, food from the garden, herbs, care products... You’ll seldom run into Roos in the city and if it happens, then – again – it’s purely out of necessity...


Kintsugi. Roos is already doing it her whole life: bringing things that seemingly look imperfect or ugly to a new life and beautify them. She proves something is beautiful because it was broken or because it has this tiny bit of imperfection still in it. Accepting and loving the wrinkles and scars of life. A nice thought, isn’t it? Impeccable imperfect!

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The maker Roos van de Velde / Artist

With everything I do, I return to nature.

  • Urns Rose

    These handmade urns symbolise the maker’s view of death. As a symbol for new life, the artist worked with the shape of a boulder. It refers to the earth and an egg-form as a beginning of new life. Each end carries a new beginning, which makes death a transitional phase, a metamorphosis. The embedded rosette is not closed in order to bring the ashes into the boulder, and therefore the ashes stay in contact with the present.


    • Material : white porcelain
    • All urns are handmade and may differ in shape and size
    • Contact me for more information or private appointment via


    Maker: Roos van de Velde


    Urns Rose ceramics
    Urns Rose ceramicsUrns Rose ceramicsUrns Rose ceramicsUrns Rose ceramicsUrns Rose ceramicsUrns Rose ceramicsLe-Chaperon-62688

    Product Description

    We prefer not to think about our own transiency. And yet death gives our lives meaning and perspective. Visual artist ROOS VAN VELDE thinks and talks about death like we do talking about a new pair of shoes. With these unique urns, she shows that death does not have to be the end and fulfils a new definition of an urn.

    Van de Velde’s view of death and symbolism are contained in the unique design of each urn. As a symbol of new life, the artist worked with a boulder shape, that refers to the beginning of new life. Each end carries a new beginning, which makes death a transitional phase, a metamorphosis.The embedded rosette is not closed, so the ashes stay linked with the present.

    Roos van de Velde considers nature as a great source of inspiration that defines her creations. Death too is a natural matter for her to is easy to discuss. The urn represents a symbol of transience and infinity. Roos likes the idea that death does not have to be the end.

    With everything I do, I return to nature.

    Roos van de Velde / Artist
    The product Urns Rose
    by Roos van de Velde  530,00

Friendship. With or without words. It exists between the four ladies of the Belgian jewellery brand STUDIO COLLECT. Deliciously spontaneous and unconditionally. The same vision on how jewellery should look like and be worn brought Hermien Cassiers (Herbie), Saskia Govaerts (Saskia), Magaly Hermans (Maggie) and Hannah van Lith (Hannie) together in 2013. And ever since they are inseparable. Their stark and wearable creations catch attention because of their simple shapes and lines with a powerful charisma. This exceptional quartet feels and complements each another very well and puts a new definition on ‘collaboration’. I wanted to know how well they do this.

During our conversation a lot of chatter goes back and forth. Sentences are started by one and completed by another. And in between there is still room for wonderment about the uniqueness of this perfect picture. Apparently this is how it goes when four women who carry STUDIO COLLECT in their hearts sit before you.

Studio Collect atelier

From conceptual to wearable design

The story of these four young ladies already began at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. During their studies jewellery design Saskia, Hermien, Hannah and Magaly fantasised their collaboration aloud. Although in their own manner. “The academy focuses very much on the conceptual instead of the creation of wearable jewellery. All four of us had different views. We learned a lot during our studies, but afterwards we very much desired to actually create jewellery one could wear in daily life.” Lo and behold, the first seeds for Studio Collect were planted. The resulting quest for a joint studio to share the costs and materials, eventually led to the aforementioned collective.

Studio Collect atelier

Jewellery from Studio Collect can be recognised by it’s simple straight lines and shapes. Original and yet wearable.

In contrast with the early days, today Studio Collect uses solely natural materials such as silver, gold, (semi) gems, coral, and pearls and so on. “In the past we worked with gilded copper. This choice then was part of our research and growing process. It is our intention to craft enduring jewellery, which keep their value and last for a long time. Hence we soon switched to using high quality materials.

It can’t be ruled out that in the future we also will experiment with wood or leather for example, but the foundation will always remain gold and silver.” The foursome also crafts jewellery they would wear (and buy) themselves. So good taste is guaranteed. Whew!

Studio Collect atelier

This doesn’t belong to only me

Studio Collect laughs. “By now People know we are a foursome, but it still happens that people in the shop ask who has crafted which jewel. This tells us that it isn’t obvious what we do.” The whole process, from design to development, happens together. Everybody decides on everything. Hence no design belongs solely to somebody. What others may see as a big challenge, is for Studio Collect natural and hence their biggest power.

The four ladies are well aware of each other’s skills: they see them and do something with them. And in this way the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Studio Collect atelier

Collaborating the way we do and every day being allowed to do what we so heartily desire to do feels like a big luxury.

About friendship

During the interview something wonderful happens. Asking why they do what they do, results in a 10 minute polylogue. The voices grow louder, the speaking pace fastens tremendously. The conversation flutters hither and thither, but the message stays the same.

Filled with excitement the four ladies of Studio Collect talk about how much fulfilment it brings them to see a satisfied customer in the store. About how awesome it is to encounter somebody wearing their jewellery. About how nice the design phase actually is, this designing together. About how great it feels to build something together and improve their future together. About how glad they are to be able to do something for themselves. About how heartily they spend time together and work together. And then at last: “I sincerely hope this will never stop”. Together.

A little too clingy perhaps? Not at all.

Studio Collect atelier

A jar of chocolate

Besides a shared jar of choco there are not many sweets to be found in the studio of Studio Collect. Magaly, Saskia, Hermien and Hannah don’t beat about the bush and none of them wears kid gloves.

“We are more like sisters. Even after work we often see each other. We are very direct towards each other. We have to be when working so tightly together day in day out. Sometimes our opinions collide because of that, but that should be possible and any disputes vaporise quickly.”

The most difficult moment of working together as foursome is when the final prototypes for the series need to be selected. However, in the end even those moments work out in their favour. “All the discussions (too ‘bolly’, too figurative, too romantic, too goody-goody, …) preceding the final decision are at the same time also very enriching.

Good bye

The ladies of Studio Collect  were able to check off many things from their bucket lists so far. The last item on their lists was their own store, but in 2017 even this dream came true. This complementary quartet builds and dreams about a beautiful future, together of course. Or what else were you thinking?

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  • The Sum Of Its Parts earrings

    The sum of its parts earrings


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  • The Sum Of Its Parts earrings

    The sum of its parts earrings


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The maker Studio Collect / Jewellery design

Collaborating like this and doing what we desire to do, is a luxury.

  • The sum of its parts earrings

    The sum of its parts earrings are a limited edition series of 10 earrings. The result of combining 4 loose elements into 1 whole is an original and classy jewel that invites you to endless combinations and therefore essential in your warderobe. Each element stands on its own and is enhanced by the combination with another element. The name refers to the power and beauty arising when individual elements are merged. At the same time, it’s also referring to the 4 ladies of Studio Collect.


    • Measurements: diameter creole = 10mm (in) – 13mm (out), thickness creole = 1,5mm, length longest pendant with tread = 4,3cm, thread thickness = 2mm, pendant bracelet = 2cm, width four links = 4mm, length two tubes horizontal = 1cm, width tubes = 9mm, length pendant with malachite = 1,3cm, width of malachite = 4mm
    • Material: Sterling silver, gilded + malachite
    • Colors: yellow gilded
    • Questions?
    Maker: Studio Collect


    Out of stock

    The Sum Of Its Parts earrings
    The Sum Of Its Parts by Studio CollectThe Sum Of Its Parts by Studio CollectThe Sum Of Its Parts by Studio Collect

    Product Description

    The Sum Of Its Parts earrings are made by Studio Collect. This jewellery label is the result of 4 talented ladies with 1 vision on how jewellery should look like and be worn. The ladies of the house are Hermien Cassiers (Herbie), Saskia Govaerts (Saskia), Magaly Hermans (Maggie) and Hannah van Lith (Hannie). An exceptional quartet that feels and complements each another very well and puts a new definition on ‘collaboration’.  The whole process, from design to development, happens together. Everybody decides on everything. Hence no design belongs solely to somebody. What others may see as a big challenge, is for Studio Collect natural and hence their biggest power. These 4 ladies do not only share the same vision on jewellery design, they also share a deep friendship and respect for each other.

    A jewel by Studio Collect is marked by its stark and and simple shapes with a strong attitude. Original and yet portable. All jewels are exclusively made of natural materials such as silver, gold, (semi) gems, coral, pearls etc. For The Sum Of Its Parts earrings, Studio Collect found its creativity in house: when you put these 4 ladies together, something beautiful happens that is much more powerful than the sum of the parts. The Sum Of Its Pars earrings an original and classy jewel that invites you to endless combinations and is therefore essential in your wardrobe.


    Collaborating like this and doing what we desire to do, is a luxury.

    Studio Collect / Jewellery design
    The product The sum of its parts earrings
    by Studio Collect  210,00

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