Overload alert

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Are you also sometimes overwhelmed by the choices we have to make in everyday life? So many things to see, to do, to read, to cook, to enjoy, to make, to love, to eat. I call this a ‘choice overload alert’.

“The more choices you make throughout the day, the harder each one becomes for your brain, and eventually it looks for shortcuts,” commented John Tierney of the New York Times on a result of a study in 2010 by Jonathan Levav and Shai Danziger. Your reserve of willpower will be more and more reduced, the more decisions you (have to) make during the day. At that point it seems people start making more impulsive decisions instead of carefully thinking through all options and consequences, or, wind up doing nothing at all because of a lack of energy to choose and weigh options.

Within an overload of impressions, things and choices, people tend to overlook the real stuff. Authentic things. Products resulted from an inherent passion and created by people for people to be loved and treasured. LECHAPERON goes for less. Less in quantity and more in uniqueness.

This online platform is all about authentic products, people and stories coming together. We select and present you an eclectic combination of limited series of unique products, only available at LECHAPERON. We also introduce you to various makers. Makers who are already well established names within their field, while others are still emerging and very promising. On our portrait wall you can dive into their stories, read all about their thoughts and doubts and their journey of being a maker.

LECHAPERON is for people in search for less. People who search more consciously for the right product or something unique.

I’ll bet you are – just like me – curious to know what their story is, and how this can inspire you. And me.

Welcome at LECHAPERON.