collage HOLSTEIN


On February 12 2016, Lore Langendries and I started the HOLSTEIN project together. HOLSTEIN LL 1401 is a wall object that consists of 366 individual, circular and numbered artefacts (brooches) that make a limited series. It is made out of cowhide coming from a HOLSTEIN cow (click here to read more about the HOLSTEIN collection).

Why? Tell people about 366 BROOCHES along 366 days. That’s why you see the result every day via our social media (Facebook & Instagram). It’s a challenge, yes. But luckily every brooch is different and leads to a new story to tell :-)! And we love it! Why? Well…

  1. We didn’t know each other when we started this great project, but it is a great feeling working together with likeminded people like Lore. And luckily, the feeling is mutual :-).
  2. We get to meet a lot of interesting people along the way
  3. By doing this project during a period of a whole year, we are able to interact with ‘the customer’ in a whole different way. In a world of  mass-consumption and fast fashion industries, we’re very happy with this personal approach and to be so close to the wearers – the members of our HOLSTEIN family.
  4. We’re privileged to receive the many positive and enthusiastic reactions , the personal stories, quotes and anecdotes from our HOLSTEIN family members
  5. Lore’s approach and the whole HOLSTEIN-collection forced me to look at, to focus on, a cow from another angle (never knew that a cow is that beautiful!)
  6. And it’s just FUN to do!



People who purchase one of the 366 brooches will obtain a digital spot in the HOLSTEIN family. The picture shows some of the HOLSTEIN members. Great, isn’t it? As you can see, most members are (strong) women, but there are also men wearing the HOLSTEIN brooches :-)!


Lore and I also go offline to introduce you to the HOLSTEIN LL 1401. Next to our online strories and pictures, you can also follow us during our offline events. We take the brooches with us and travel to different offline locations and events to show you the brooches in real life. After 366 days, the HOLSTEIN family will be reunited in a closing event where each fragment and its wearer will be a part of a bigger picture.

Do you want to become a HOLSTEIN member too? Or are you just curious to see the 366 fragments of the HOLSTEIN collection? Click yourself away to our wall!