Reflectionss about HOLSTEIN LL 1401


REFLECTIONS. Writing down a thought or an idea about something or someone. That’s what Sabine Winters loves to do. Sabine Winters is the founder of DENKKADERS. By means of her reflections, she aims to bring practice, philosophy and art together. According to her, art and philosophy challenges us to look differently at the reality. They make us think and connect. Sabine wrote about LECHAPERON and more specifically about our HOLSTEIN project.

It’s interesting to read about her reflections. She sees the philosophy of LECHAPERON from another angle. She’s wondering about the value for the consumer, the impact on our choices and habits, “when we choose long-term satisfaction with the choice of timeless quality products, rather than the quick gratification and the volatility of impulse buying?”. Curious to read her reflections ? Click here for more!

It’s been a while now that I questioned myself too about my own habits and buying behaviour. The result of this exercise was that I – whenever and wherever possible – resolutely opted for the “long-term card.  Ultimately there LECHAPERON rolled out as an extension of this new approach and this is now a full-time occupation. That’s why I prefer timeless and durable materials when selecting makers en products.  ‘Timeless’ because they transcend seasons and trends. ‘Sustainable’ because they go a long way with you. Because in the end, I hope that each product you find on LECHAPERON becomes a true companion for life.

So, I was wondering : how do you think?
Have you ever wondered how you make your choices?