6 reasons why wearing a bowtie is always a good choice

Why wearing a bowtie? I’ll give you 6 good reasons why you – men and women – can wear a bowtie, regardless of the trends. Follow me…


Recently, someone asked me ‘if bowties are still ‘in” and ‘if someone actually still wears a bowtie’. You have to know that I don’t consider myself as someone following trends. I’m aware of the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ but I only choose what matches with who I and my personal style. Of course you can’t ignore the many impressions in the street telling you what’s ‘hot or not’. But is that a reason to do what everyone else is already doing? Nope, I do not think so. So, allow me to come back to your question above, sir : if you like wearing a bowtie, and if it fits with who you are, why should you leave this beautiful, all-time favorite and unique fashion accessory in your closet?

Let’s say you meet someone tomorrow asking you if that bowtie you’re wearing, is still ‘in’? Shoot back with the following six reasons that indicate why you do what you do:

  1. It’s different and you stand out of the crowd
    Wearing a bowtie is a “statement maker” that reflects who you are as an individual. Just because it is not commonly prescribed in the “fashion bible”. Fashion says ‘me too’. Style says ‘only me’.
  2. A bowtie is a good the conversation topic
    This is also a good reason to choose the right pattern and form from the beginning, that matches and strengthens your personality. When in doubt, go for a ‘classic’ pattern, combined with a nice outfit. The 3 models at LECHAPERON (Madame Bovary, Pine & Mint, Mint & Pine), are good examples to stand out and being cool, elegant and classic at the same time. 
  3. If you like it, just wear it
    Because you do not slavishly follow what’s ‘in’ and ‘out’. You choose to make your own style.
  4. Boost your confidence
    Wearing a bowtie, exudes a playful and challenging kind of confidence.
  5. Bowties are of A L L times
    Take a look into history!
  6. Bowties are cool
    Always. End of discussion.

Isabel Naesens herself, founder of Comme les Loups, would say : “When in doubt, a bow tie is always a good choice!”. Read the full portrait about this maker via this link.

The new collaboration with Comme les Loups resulted in 3 new models : two for him and one for her. Delete ‘boring’ and show who you are!