December: a chance to think about things that matter

This year, as December arrives along with winter and the holidays that come with it, I also think about ‘home’. And with those thoughts, my reflection also turns to family, friends, the memories and the unique experience of having a home that makes it such a special and important place to return to. A safe haven, a place that’s filled with care and love and memory. 

December christmas tree

While decorating the Christmas tree, my little boy, age 4, said to me : “Mom, when the tree is done, we’ll ‘cosily’ watch a movie in the dark…”. And after school, all the lights of the Christmas tree need to shine, while all other lights in the house need to be turned off. Yes, even this little guy is sensitive to the coziness and warmth that this period entails. A proof, a confirmation, that even the smallest detail can make a difference…

When I’m thinking about warmth, care and dedication, my mind turns to some of the creative makers I have the privilege to work with at LECHAPERON, especially within the context of ‘home’. These makers have been bringing care and dedication to their work for their whole lives, and their work exemplifies the warm spirit of the holidays. With LECHAPERON, you can bring that work and spirit to your home. And as the smallest details can make a difference, hereby some inspiration to suit the action to the word …

Cup & saucer set by Margot Thyssen

When thinking about a holiday table or a party or even a small gathering, I need to tell you about Margot Thyssen, ceramic artist, and one of our ‘CHAPERONS’, Sven, who bought some of the limited edition sets at LECHAPERON.

Cup & saucer by margot thyssen

Sven wrote me about his ‘coffee experience’ after drinking his coffee in Margot’s cup for LECHAPERON. He wrote the following : “I know that normally its the coffee itself that defines the content of the cup, but in this case, its different somehow. Knowing that a person has (hand)made this cup, adds something extra to it. It feels very special to drink your coffee in this unique set.” 

When we gather, we always share food and drinks with each other. And during holidays and Christmas, food and drinks are even more important, as they are shared with those closest and most precious to us. Margot has spent more than the last decade of her life designing and creating some of the most beautiful porcelain objects. Margot’s thoughtful, gorgeous plates and cups can easily become part of your family’s Christmas dinner as important as the roast goose, better than any Wedgewood.

The textile box TOGETHER by Lotte Martens

Lotte Martens has been giving everything of herself to her textile work for more than the last decade. The thought and effort she has put into her energetic, innovative designs over the course of her career are emblematic of the kind of personal warmth we want to remember and think about at holiday time.

And with the exclusive Textile Box TOGETHER she created for LECHAPERON, it’s easy to be able to bring that expression to your own home.


You can appoint your holiday table or living room with those same elegant and extravagant fabrics. The box contains 13 different fabrics and textures to create your own personal favourite table, or home accessories.

Care and dedication of Bjorn Verlinden

Or what about the beautiful label of Bjorn Verlinden? Think of a place setting for the holidays and Christmas not just with a simple woven mat, but using one of the most elegant and refined pieces of artisanal leatherwork today. That is what Bjorn and his work through Double Stitched and LECHAPERON have made possible. Take a little bit of that care and dedication which are visible in every piece he makes, into your home interior. Something that can be seen, felt and enjoyed at your holiday table too.

Big coaster
Placemat, coaster and napkin ring BLUEBERRY

For many people, December is a chance to think about what’s really important. And through that, I want to be able to help you and your family experience the best of what I and the makers at LECHAPERON can offer.

Be merry for upcoming holidays!