Celebrating life : here’s to a slower 2017


As we rung in the New Year we’d all been waiting for, I took some time to really think about my New Year’s resolutions. Though it was a year of beautiful creations, hard work and inspiration, I wonder whether I’ve really taken the time to appreciate it enough. Whether I have made the time to take it all in, to relax, and to revel in some leisure time (which I consider as a luxury in times like these).

I admit : becoming a mom for the second time at the beginning of 2017, was a great help to take it all in, to reflect upon the beauty of 2016 and to relax (although ‘relaxing’ is quite challenging with a new born at my side). This little human being forces you to rearrange your day schedule and to act according to new priorities. But besides that, winter is the perfect time to just sit back and crawl into a cozy corner with a good book and a hot cup of tea. I think of cocooning as a little luxury to reward myself for a job well done. So yes, I will drink to that. To a perfect year of little luxuries for me, for you and for the Makers that take LECHAPERON to a higher level!

The perfect winter cocoon

Keep the cold out with a warm heart and a cozy spot to retreat into. To create that perfect home, think of all the things that make you feel snug and cozy. Visualize your favorite fabrics, luscious knick-knacks, soothing lighting and the perfect drink or snack. Think of all the nooks and crannies in your home. Let your mind wander. Let it fill your heart. Cocooning is the ultimate act of self-care.

Slow shopping

I have long believed that the world needs to slow down from the rat race that is modern life. It is a belief that trickles down into everything LECHAPERON stands for and something that I have written about in the past. I try to find integrity, creativity and uniqueness in all of the Makers that contribute to the LECHAPERON story. There is already too much fast fashion and mass production in this world. With LECHAPERON, I strive to create value and to share beautiful stories with the world.

Slow living

Think about this for a minute: why shouldn’t we extend this mantra beyond slow shopping? We as a society are constantly so overstimulated. So overwhelmed. Stress is running rampant in all layers of our society. It is time to slow down, to stop to smell the roses and to make time for the things that are truly valuable to us.

So I urge you: take some time to make a list of the things that are truly important to you. Take care of yourself. Withdraw from the busy world into your wonderfully cozy winter cocoon. Let’s all take a step back this year. I promise it will make your life all the better.

Best wishes for an amazing New Year,