HOLSTEIN family reunited after 366 days

On Sunday, the 12 February 2017 the time had come: The one year old HOLSTEIN LL 1401 project, a cooperation between LECHAPERON and artistic maker Lore Langendries, was finished. What started off as a wall installation of 366 individual brooches, transformed to a true HOLSTEIN family after 366 days. Around 150 people, HOLSTEIN family members, travelled to Hasselt that Sunday to celebrate the past year together. The location of this all was Bistro La Bottega. This is where every unique fragment and its wearer took part of the larger collective for a final time. The circle was completed.

Pictures © Charis Boel (www.lichtwaas.be)


You were able follow the HOLSTEIN project every day on the social media of LECHAPERON and Lore, by sharing an image, memory or quote. The HOLSTEIN brooches found a new home with a stranger slowly but surely, and started a new life. Every piece of the wall got a new future and face. Because every brooch that was sold, was replaced by a picture of the new owner, and put on the wall. Offline as well as online. A true HOLSTEIN family was born along the way and connected to each other by one cowhide.

Bistro time!

After travelling around for a year with the ‘cow-wall installation’, it was built up and taken apart 52 times, the HOLSTEIN cow was set up for one last time. Tables were moved to the side; the speech was practiced and the drinks were brought in. HOLSTEIN meat was divided into small portions and 2 large cheese spheres were transformed into tasters.

The entire year was put up in the shape of a timeline that showed a couple milestones. From 14h onwards an empty hall was filled up by Belgium, the Netherlands and even a bit of Australia.  People chatted, made a speech, drank and ate. To return homeward at 17h, but not empty handed.

No one returned homeward empty handed.


Inseparable connected

The HOLSTEIN project was all about connecting people, online and offline. In the shape of the HOLSTEIN family. With only 1 common divider, one small circle that holds and connects them together. The past year was intense, tiresome, fascinating, … but especially a lot of fun and thankful to do. Lore and I, apart from a beautiful friendship, have a new lovely family because of this intense cooperation!

Do you still want to be part of the HOLSTEIN family? It is possible. Some brooches are still looking for a new home and can be found on the digital wall. Make one or more brooches yours by clicking this link and become part of the HOLSTEIN family today!

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