Back to the eighties

I am a child of the 80s and I am not a stranger to a touch of nostalgia: 

Donkey Kong, the ‘Lolobal’, Tubble Gum, the ‘stair walker’ in rainbow colours, New beat smileys… Bright colours and geometric shapes were all that existed in the world of interior design. Even the clothing from then is distinguishable by its bright colours, oversized sweaters and shoulder fillings (I plead guilty for the entire line). Occasionally there is a revival of the 80s. I don’t blame you for not taking part in this trend, but the thing I think back of with melancholia is the inertia I treasure. Everything seemed so much slower than it is now.

Who has never laid eye on a friends-book before? One for which you sat down to take the time to write ‘what do you want to be’, ‘what is your favourite food’, ‘which colour are your eyes’ or ‘what do you like or dislike’? And a picture of yourself too please. The idea of this little book has inspired me 30 years later to make the LECHAPERON & Friends book-project.


Slow please

At the end of last year (November 2016) LECHAPERON existed 1 year. To celebrate this, I wanted to make something physical. That you can share with others and where the makers can take part in actively. The result of this was the LECHAPERON & Friends book-project: the philosophy of LECHAPERON in the shape of a friends-book. The goal is to meet new people – makers- through LECHAPERON. People who inspire you with their portrait or product. To take the time to discover and to carry around and spread the story of the product when you purchase it. Offline, in the day to day life.

Every product on LECHAPERON tells something about its maker. Just like it tells something about the person that buys it. And because in the end, everyone has a unique story. This is what the book initiative is about: stimulate people to share stories and connect to each other. It is my way to express ‘inertia’ and ‘time’ in a world that seems to be going faster and faster.

Travel book

A while back, I handed over the book to all makers that are part of LECHAPERON. They now have the time to write their story, guided by a dozen of questions, and pass on the book to someone else. Who on their turn will pass it on to the next person and so on. The contents of the book are solely for the person that receives the book, but occasionally I will share a small piece of what our makers wrote on the LECHAPERON Facebook page.

Maybe you will receive a LECHAPERON & Friends book soon too. I hope so at least, so you can stop the time for a little while. Do you let me know when you do? It tells me that it’s still possible.

Take a look at the page of LECHAPERON & Friend if you want to know more about this initiative.

Read more about the LECHAPERON & FRIENDS book via the online articles that were published in Marie-Claire België and Knack Weekend.