Circle in your wardrobe

Which shape is more simplified than a circle? According to the astrology the sun and moon exist from a single shape pictured as a circle and they belong to the oldest scratches of humanity. I still have an old paper with some of my first drawings (scratches) on it. Of course : circles. Later, this round shape will certainly keep coming back in for example the shape of a ball, traffic signs, traffic lights, a ring, an expanding circle when you throw a stone in the water, etc. Just look around. Circles can be found everywhere. But are you also aware of the positive vibes of a circle in your wardrobe?

A circle as a source of inspiration

I think that circles have actually always existed. But dependent of your spirit of age and prediction of trends around you, this pure shape is staging its comeback. Apparently it comes and it goes. Well, yeah, trends… More fascinating is to see how a circle, with its perfect and pure shape, inspires people in what they do and how people make use of circles surrounding them. In their interior or wardrobe for example. Also to quite some artists and designers it’s all about circles and round shapes.

Actually, did you know that this geometric symbol could have a more positive effect on your mood in comparison to tight and straight lines? Round (and also oval) shapes should have a refreshing effect. Isn’t that nice? Bunchy, round, circular. A good reason to never avoid the use of round shapes anymore.

Circles in your wardrobe

Yes, also in clothing you can find circles. Or should I say “round lines”? Some successful examples of this are the pulls of Elsien Gringhuis. Now, I’m not a fashionista or stylist so I will not try to discuss the do’s or dont’s for clothing. But what I will do, is giving you some ideas of accessories that could improve clothing. It’s obvious that an accessory, just like your choice of clothing, tells something about who you are.

A circle can be simple and pure, refined or playful. It’s outstanding. Always. The thing I keep noticing is that circles, as accessories, are being inflicted by men and women with a personality. This tells a lot about the strength of such a simple but powerful shape. Pure aesthetic!

And what about you? Do you also have some round shapes in your closet that make you happy?

Some of our LECHAPERON makers were inspired too by a circle. Discover them in our online shop. In another blogpost, I’ll tell you about the effect of circles on your interior.

See you!

Vicky x


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