Sunday best

Back in the day, around 90 years ago, people had the habit to wear their best (or newest) clothes on Easter to look as if they were dressed in their Sunday best. But nowadays you are fortunately allowed to do it the entire year-round: looking pretty on your Sunday best. That doesn’t mean that you always have to buy yourself the newest clothes or interior. A small detail, a different colour accent or the addition of an accessory is usually enough to look like brand new. That’s the way how I handle it too. Subtle, but outstanding. A couple of examples.

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I don’t know why but when I think about Easter, I also think about cheerful bowties. You know, the bow or a bow tie. Maybe it’s because of its shape resembling the shape of a butterfly, but it always makes me smile. The idea that a bow can only be worn during formal occasions has long been outdated. Actually, it fits every occasion. And certainly at Easter. Of course. A bowtie is a very simple accessory to completely change the look of your outfit.

Formerly a bowtie strictly had to be hand tied according to the etiquette, but today there’re a lot of pre-tied bowties available. Like the duo Mint & Pine and Pine & Mint for the men amongst us for instance. But, there are a lot of ‘bow possibilities’ for the ladies too. Just think about a ribbon in your hair, on your shoes, attached to a necklace etc. A bow quickly creates a uber feminine look. If you’re more into a look-with-attitude, like me, there still is the bowtie for her.

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The apex of femininity, and a massive statement! It’s your way to tell that being a little bit ‘different’ is alright! Read here for another 6 reasons why a bowtie is always a smart choice. Also during Easter.


Do you also enjoy dining? Than you are definitely looking forward to Easter time. After the Easter eggs have been found (and tasted), everyone sociably joins the table. The most colourful decorations show up on the table. Easter is a spring feast and you can’t ignore it. You will see it. Or even better, Because for some of you, Easter is a good excuse to go all out as far as table decorations can go. And yes, that’s OK too. Me personally? I like to do it a little different: I rather choose a couple of strong timeless base elements that combine very easily with different sorts of colour. In case of the Blueberry placemats and coasters, I played with the colours blue, green and white. It creates a very fresh and yet stylish look. The dark colour, the pure and clean design of the placemats counterweight many colourful accents that you would like to add to it.

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For colour accents, I often revert to the beautiful flowers of Bloomon that manage to leave some ‘happiness’ behind every time.  Or I choose pretty napkins, colourful glasses or different colourful accents like the spoons or original cups in the example below. Plants are always a good ‘atmosphere’ makers and the home-made and coloured eggs or pots are the cherry on the (Easter) cake (I’m a fan of some of the results on the blog Lyliardor).


If you like colour, and like to be creative, then I totally understand that you prefer to fill in your definition of ‘making it pretty’ by doing it yourself. Easter is the ideal moment to go all out with your DIY creations. Do you also hide some kind of inspiration box (or cupboard) where you reach for occasionally, when the – in this case – spring feelings overwhelm you? I keep some pieces of fabric, paint, cards, wire, glue, empty canvasses etc. in my cupboard. Sometimes such a creative mood results in a table- or interior decoration and, very occasionally, also in an outfit accessory.

The possibilities are endless. A while ago a couple bloggers created some nice accessories with the different fabrics of the TOGETHER textilebox from Lotte Martens, or they integrated them as an accent into some outfits. They show you that you can accomplish a lot with 13 different fabrics and formats. More inspiration can be found here.

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With this inspiration you can soon show up at the Easter breakfast table on your Sunday best ;-). Enjoy, and don’t let a small chocolate stain ruin the fun.

Love, Vicky x



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