A circle in your interior

Last time I already wrote about the effect of a circle on your wardrobe. This time you’ll discover the effect of a circle on your interior. Circles are everywhere and once you are aware of the positive vibes of a circle in your interior, you’ll never want to live without. Also for a lot of artists and designers, circles are a great source of inspiration. Watch and get inspired.


Circles in your interior and on the table
Round shapes will bring warmth to your interior. And no, it doesn’t break down that sleek look. On the contrary. You will create your space and you will give the room a quiet (or playful) appearance with a feeling of warmth and cosiness. By combining round shapes with tight lines you’ll create a contrast that works. Look at the example on the pictures below.

Lee Broom

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Anne Brand Hoej
Pardes by Nathalie van der Massen for LECHAPERON

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Ontwerpduo for LECHAPERON

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Frederik Delbart

The advantages for your interior will also work on a table. By the use of round shapes you will create space on the table without worsening the cosiness. The simple and pure shape of the circle results into a feeling of quietness. Therefore, you can focus on the food and the good company.

Double Stitched for LECHAPERON

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And what about you? Do you recognize the positive vibes of a circle?

Vicky x