Follow LECHAPERON during the month of May

Do you follow, read or buy the LECHAPERON products through the online gallery? That’s great news, and I’ld like to thank you for that. Perhaps you would also like to see them in real? Just because it can. Is that possible? Yes, absolutely.
During the whole month of May 2, I move to the lovely shop BELVA, in the Parijsstraat, Leuven (Belgium), and I take a selection of products from the online LECHAPERON gallery with me.
For LECHAPERON I always choose quality and timeless products, made with love by their makers. Throughout the month of May you can experience for yourself how beautiful the PARDES scarf by Nathalie van der Massen wraps around your shoulders, or you can feel the HOLSTEIN brooches by Lore Langendries (they are made of cowhide) and try one on without damaging your clothes, or you can see how ‘real’ the ‘blue bird’ reprint of Carll Cneut resembles the original. These are just some examples.  But you can discover more items from the online gallery when dropping by.
Hope to see you there!
Where to find us?
@BELVA (shop)
Parijsstraat 5
Open every Tuesday – Saturday
from 10u-18u