LECHAPERON is an online gallery that displays and sells a carefully selected series of makers and their exclusive products. A slow shopping initiative that focuses on quality and identity of the maker, regardless of seasons and trends. LECHAPERON matures ideas and new collaborations with creators of which the result will be introduced and sold over time via the online gallery. I take it slow. I invite you to do the same. Welcome at LECHAPERON. Vicky x

LECHAPERON, your companion

Do you look for more than meets the eye? Do you see beyond seasons and trends?

Then you have come to the right place. LECHAPERON is a slow shopping platform in a fast moving world. This online gallery offers you a carefully selected series of everyday objects, that can’t be found anywhere else. Because all products were exclusively designed with ♡ by dedicated makers to treat yourself, your interior or someone you care about. So yes, we sell products. But not just anything. When you buy at LECHAPERON, you are invited to meet the unique person behind our exclusive objects. After all: each product reveals something about its maker. Just like it unveils something about its buyer. That’s what LECHAPERON is about. About people. Unique people. People like yourself.

LECHAPERON is a ‘slow shopping’ initiative offering timeless and sustainable everyday objects. ‘Timeless’ because they transcend seasons and trends. ‘Sustainable’ because they can go a long way with you. During your visit, we like to tell you more about the makers and their exclusive designs for LECHAPERONunlimited (art, fashion, interior) through stories and portraits. By getting to know the makers behind the products you buy, you do not only use what they make. You also take their story with you…

About the makers


It is my aim to introduce a beauty loving public to makers from different disciplines. Makers who are already well established names within their field, while others are still emerging and very promising within the domain of Art & Illustration, Fashion Accessories and Interior Design. Each product tells something about the maker and leads me to his or her personal life. I am curious to know how people do what they do and especially why.

About the products


Every product is the result of a close collaboration between the maker and LECHAPERONunlimited. Beauty, high quality, sustainability and timelessness are key in my search. Products with an identity, which makes them recognizable and therefore unique.

Are you a maker? Would you like me to write your story? Would you like to give me the opportunity to sell a limited set of exclusive products through this online platform? Then this could be the beginning of a new collaboration.


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Behind every great object there is a unique person.
Behind every unique person there is a story worth telling. (Vicky Janssen, founder LECHAPERONunlimited)

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Be good in what you do and do it with your heart. (Vicky Janssen, founder LECHAPERONunlimited)

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It all started with matching colors, strengthened by a similar mindset about the product. Great to see LECHAPERON grow as a platform for passionate creative minds (Sophie Doore, Cover & Couch)

Quote 4

For me, LECHAPERON stands for exclusive products of makers that put their heart and soul into their product. (Isabel Naesens, Comme les Loups)

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Sharing the values… respecting the craft… focus on the people… We are very honoured to collaborate with LECHAPERON! (Niyona)

Quote 6

The collaboration between LECHAPERON & LOTTE MARTENS is about passions that meet and strengthen each other. (Lotte Martens)

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For me LECHAPERONunlimited represents the elevation of design and retail. I think we are going to a world of active choices where every actor takes up his responsibility. It’s great to be a part of this kind of innovative concept. (Nathalie van der Massen)

Quote 8

In times of mass production, it’s nice that a label as LECHAPERON commits itself to smaller edition series. With a focus on the passionate designer that creates for design minded people and lovers. We want to be part of their story. (Ontwerpduo)

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LECHAPERON is about selecting unique products that become even more valuable by illuminating the world behind the product via the maker. It’s about contributing to a growing mindset and awareness of the making process that also focuses on fair products. (Sarah Deruwe)

Quote 10

LECHAPERON is a unique development. There should be more of these kind of initiatives. (Midukas)

Quote 11

To me LECHAPERON is about looking at products from another angle : a product turns into an object in a way that it becomes absolute. And LECHAPERON creates ‘time’ to really look at it. (Emmanuel Demuynck, Monsieur Maison)

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LECHAPERON is about creating with passion, something authentic and unique. Something we have in common. Unique concepts and authentic stories. That’s the reason why we joined their journey by creating something special for them. (Heren Loebas)

Quote 13

LECHAPERON is a refreshing new concept, creating a gateway to a wide audience to enjoy a variety of exclusive handmade crafts. (Margot Thyssen)

Quote 14

LECHAPERON, a unique and highly innovative concept with a soul. (Elisabeth Leenknegt, ELISA LEE)

Quote 15

Proud to be part of this exciting project! (Carll Cneut)

Quote 16

Enjoy this unique and – on top of that – exclusive ‘LECHAPERON’s World. (Lore van Keer)

Quote 17

Because we share the same values and the love for high quality products. (Björn Verlinden, Double Stitched)

Qoute 18

The collaboration with LC is a unique opportunity to join a great story with other creative and passionate souls. The concept gives inspiration and I think it is a new wind blowing through our country. A basis to stimulate new collaborations and ideas between people who had never met otherwise. (Hanne Beutels)

I am Vicky and I founded LECHAPERONunlimited.com in 2015 as an online initiative. Because I susceptible to beautiful things and people. Because I strongly believe in identity and quality. And (being a copywriter) because I like to write. That too.

Enjoy what you see and welcome at LECHAPERON!

Vicky Janssen
Creative director

portret Vicky