The maker Linde Hermans / Product Designer

I enjoy the 'little moments' in life, like taking a walk for instance.

Product designer Linde Hermans uses her infinite creativity to tell tales through various designs and materials. Linde’s home and studio invite you to discover. Small and big surprises, because that’s what her creations certainly are. All topped with the necessary know-how and a dash of Linde. During our conversation Linde describes herself often as ‘ordinary'. But when you know what this lady is capable of, then you know that there is another hidden layer to this ‘ordinary'. And that is ‘extra-ordinary’.

Little moments and copper wire

The young Linde grew up together with her younger brother in a cozy home. A home where museum visits had priority over amusement parks, and where doing things together weren’t merely a wish, but a daily given instead. Going for a walk with the family, for instance, was one of these ‘little moments’. One that she - being a mom of three sons – often does herself and considers a precious moment of daily life. “I still like to walk a lot. And our children, of course, have to come along,” she smiles.

LINDE Hermans atelier

Atelier Linde

Nobody knew at the time, that her pastime with copper wires and interest in science would lead to several masterpieces later. However, it was obvious that this creative dreamer would use the language of creation for the rest of her life.

Dash of Linde

Linde’s language is her design, and vice versa. Nothing just exists and everything is emotion. Inspired by fairytales, images and symbols she sometimes creates her objects are sometimes serious and other times they are impish. From ceramics and textile, to leather bags and interior design objects, to scenography and installations in public spaces. This creative dreamer refused to be boxed into one box. Visit Rodeschoentjes and Linde Hermans to find out for yourself how she fits in multiple boxes.

LINDE Hermans spiegel

Stairs. You see a ladder, but it is a staircase.

Materialpoet in red shoes

Linde often chooses the material to start with. The story is less present in this case. She explains: “The story has to be present. Especially when I create something purely for myself and not for a customer. For myself I always add this poetic side, which often develops during the process of creation, but sometimes it’s already there from the start."

Mijmermonologen. 10 schalen, 101 woorden, 1 verhaal.

Musing Monologues. 10 works, 101 words, 1 story. (click for more information)

And then there is this 'red' thing. Linde herself often walks around clad in dark colours such as black or dark blue. There is nothing about her or her work that draws explicit attention. Even the impish wink in her work or the titles of it often are subtle and soft.

The question what’s with that colour of red, she answers with a smile. “I don’t really know. I attracts me as much as it repels me. It is fantastic to see somebody wearing a red garment, because it shows self-confidence.” Is this then the reason?

Her own collection she knowingly named Red Shoes. Because that’s just what 100% Linde means.

Red shoes

Stands for childlike fantasy and imagination. The joy of an infinite dance. The beauty of a pair of red shoes in the window. A collection that tells a tale or allows you to float away in dreams.
Inspired by stories, images, symbols, ...


Tilting Soup Bowl

Give me time

“In order to be creative, time and tranquility are of the utmost importance. It is a constant quest for equilibrium between my family and my work. I try not to stress myself too much with this. It is what it is.” Linde does not have a plan. She never had. But instead she has a lot of dreams, inspiration and an unfailing power to accomplish things. Now she only needs the time and tranquility to be able to do the thing she does best. Creating.


A day after we met, Linde writes the following: “I actually gave it a thought more than once that I would like to create music. And I don’t just mean playing an instrument, but creating a real piece of music, even though I don’t know anything about it. A good dance song or something... to shake a leg. I always envied dancers, actors and musicians.” Isn’t it marvelous, how the language of design has so many shapes, imaginations and desires?

Pictures: Renaat Nys & Vicky Janssen

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