The maker Lore Langendries / Jewellery designer

I always try to capture the essence.

1 hour. That’s all I needed to realise that I wanted to collaborate with Lore Langendries for a new LECHAPERON story. Lore Langendries may call herself Doctor in Arts since 2015. She is an artistic maker in the field of contemporary jewellery and object design. Her designs caught my eye because of the materials she used (animal skins) and the way she presented them. Each object is wearable and functional, and yet also essential in itself. Fascinated by Lore’s work, approach and personality, we established a collaboration which grew to be the HOLSTEIN LL 1401 project.

Growing up

According to my mom, I was an easy and happy child always playing outside, crafting or creating my own factory where the production process already played an important role in what I did (laughs). I never wanted to be a burden to my parents because of my brother.

Lore’s parents are two hard working interior architects. Although they were not always physically present because of their busy job and the care of Lore’s younger brother who has a mental disorder, Lore grew up in a very close and carrying family. Even today, this strong family bond is still very tangible and important to her: almost every Sunday, Lore ‘moves’ to her parents’ house where she spends the day in the presence of her brother, parents and grandmother. Always ‘greedy’ in the way she lives her life, whether it’s about carrying, working, celebrating things or enjoying life.


Even though I only spent two years of my life in boarding school, this was a very important period of my life. I was really unhappy at school. Switching to sports and becoming part of a team lifted me up, enriched and strengthened my personality when it comes to motivation, discipline and real friendship

From basketball to jewels

Starting at the MAD-faculty in Hasselt to study jewelry design wasn’t Lore’s first choice. She wasn’t good at studying, but she was a talented basketball player. When Lore had the opportunity to combine sports with school, she moved to a boarding school in Antwerp to build up a career of top sports. Unfortunately, physical injuries forced her to choose a new direction. Lore completely changed course, and eventually chose to follow her creative flair by studying jewelry design. Lore’s creative nature, a lot of persistence, focus and support of her parents and partner resulted in a PhD. in Arts a couple of years later.

Sophisticated simplicity

Lore calls herself a “maker” because “designer” and “artist” don’t fully cover her approach and her role in the design and production process. Her work can be defined as simple, pure but yet sophisticated, with a strong eye for detail. “Capture the essence”, she says. The word is out. “But even this is often the result of a constantly evolving process, it’s never my initial intention”. That’s because the material or the shapes lead the process. Lore doesn’t use a story to start creating. But then again she could never design without a story. It has to make sense, she explains. “Most of the time, the story is a result of the process that I want to share with people who care.”
The simple and pure designs are reflections of her personal style : this lady in black breathes simplicity and purity. In the way she dresses, talks and smiles. Her openness and spontaneity are heartwarming.

Holstein 363:366
- Lore has a strong affinity with the circular shape. The circle as a pure geometrical form shows the essence and beauty of various materials in their most elementary form. -

The best and worst of times

Obtaining a PhD. for someone who didn’t like studying and writing from the beginning, isn’t easy. But it characterizes Lore in every way : once she decides to jump, there’s no turning back. “Although obtaining my PhD was a struggle, it gave me the opportunity and ‘time’ to reflect, to define and refine my own vision without having to take into account immediately the commercial aspect of designing. I’m very thankful for that.”


Material, shape, process

Analysing, investigating, archiving, collecting, combining materials and shapes is what she does. And then applying or searching for the most efficient production process afterwards is what she loves the most. Lore combines craftsmanship with industrial processing in order to obtain a better result. It has led to her own work philosophy, ‘hunacturing’, which refers to the making process, fusing HUman, NAture and manufACTURING. A philosophy that challenges the interaction between manual versus mechanical and unique versus serial.


Lore dedicated 4 years of her life exclusively to the completion of her PhD whereby she focused on animal skins from another angle. With the future ahead, she admits that she feels some pressure when it comes to introducing something new and yet maintaining her recognizable style, regardless of the materials she’ll use. To me, Lore is a master in making wearable and unwearable objects. I’m sure she will (again) succeed in her new projects. Similar and unique. And extremely lovable!

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