LECHAPERON & Friends Book – project

LECHAPERON & Friends Book – project

About the LECHAPERON & Friends book

Next to www.LECHAPERONunlimited.com as an online initiative, Vicky Janssen, founder of LECHAPERONunlimited initiated the LECHAPERON & Friends book project in 2016 as an invitation to start sharing stories and connecting with people offline. It is her way to give expression to her strong belief in slowness and time in a fast-moving, ‘throw-away’ digital world. This book’s destination is unknown, just as the people who will join this project. The goal of this LECHAPERON book-project is to keep the story going and to unveil stories about people. About you and me…

Meet LECHAPERON’s friends

A while ago, LECHAPERON handed over a LECHAPERON & Friends book to someone who is already connected with our LECHAPERON story.  On this page, you can see all first owners of a book. He / she entrusted this book to a second person, who in turn handed it over to a third person, etc. …

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Meet the "Friends of LECHAPERON"