Make gifting even more satisfying and nourishing

“What a great feeling it is to offer, to others or yourself, little pleasures that resonate with your values… and when you know the stories behind the objects, it makes gifting even more satisfying and nourishing.”

identity Lines / manner

That’s how Lysiane-Marie from the fashion blog LINES / MANNER introduces her readers to our 1 year project, HOLSTEIN LL 1401. She tells you a bit more about the HOLSTEIN PROJECT, collaboration and the vision of both Lore Langendries & LECHAPERONunlimited. She calls it it the ‘fusion of Art and Fashion‘.

gifting Lines/manner

Founder of Lines/manner, Lysiane-Marie is a Fashion Influencer, a Content Creator and a Private Stylist based in France who is now wearing one of our brooches. Fashion reveals her keen sense for details and releases her creative spirit. Lysiane-Marie’s visual signature is primarily minimalist, monochrome, complemented with an attitude and a distinctive sunspot on her left cheek. However, her creative guideline in creating her looks is first and foremost her mindset of the moment. Check out the text she wrote about us and discover more of the beautiful pictures she took at:

Discover our HOLSTEIN project, the 366 brooches 

and start gifting, to others or your beautiful self.

Picture credits @Lines/manner


Blue Bird. A gift.

Reprint schilderij de blauwe vogel

Yes, I would like to tell you about illustration, a blue bird and a gift, in only one blogpost…Why? Well, one of the people in my life I am proudest and most humbled to know personally is Carll Cneut. Over the course of his unique and inspiring career as an illustrator, Carll has shared so much creativity with the world. Whether through his storybook or poetic illustrations, or in live exhibitions, Carll offers adults and children alike the opportunity to explore beautiful, vivid worlds of color and imagination. In this way, he both fulfills our existing ideas of the role of an illustrator, and also expands that definition by giving viewers the opportunity to expand on the work that is presented to them and fill it along with the artist himself. I know I am very impressed every time I engage with Carll’s work.

Artistic growth

As Carll has grown as a maker and artist during his career, his work has become ever-more intensely expressive of his commitment to his own creative sensibility, evoking a more intense emotional experience in the mind of the viewer. This has been on display in such instances as the “In my Head” live exhibition in Ghent (2014-2015), where, over the course of six months, nearly 50,000 people explored a replica of his working space and spent hours feeling their way through the artistic experience of being Carll Cneut. I had the honor of visiting myself, along with my family, and it was truly magnificent.

LECHAPERON celebrates Carll Cneut: 20 Years in illustration

To honor Carll’s 20 year career in illustration, I am featuring more of his excellent work on our site. His illustrations in “The Blue Bird” (De Blauw Vogel) is among the best examples of his personal artistic sensibility, capturing his elegance and expressiveness. LECHAPERON had the honor of introducing you to the first – and only – reproduction of one of Carll’s original paintings, ‘The Blue Bird’. This beautiful print captures the moment in the book where Mytyl and Tyltyl, the main characters, meet their brother among many other unborn children in the sky-blue palace.

I have admired (t)his work from the first time I saw it, so I want to ensure that other people in our LECHAPERON community can experience it, too. And, in particular honor of Carll’s 20 year anniversary in illustration, we are offering a signed copy of the book ‘The Blue Bird’ for free with every purchase of a print of his work on LECHAPERON. (This offer is limited to 20 books).

de blauwe vogel

(offer is limited to 20 signed books)

I am sure you will fall in love with his world as much as I do! Click here if you would like to know more about the beautiful painting ‘the blue bird’!