I am very honoured to treat you on an exclusive GIVE-AWAY by ELISA LEE. In 2017, the beautiful Belgian jewellery brand Elisa Lee celebrated its 15th anniversary. In a previous post, I already told you, by means of pictures, how the team Elisa Lee wanted to share this with the world. And today they want to treat you, dear follower or member of LECHAPERON, with an exclusive GIVE AWAY (value of 210 euro)!

Exclusive give-away by Elisa Lee for LECHAPERON (210 euro)


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Good luck!

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Sunday best

Back in the day, around 90 years ago, people had the habit to wear their best (or newest) clothes on Easter to look as if they were dressed in their Sunday best. But nowadays you are fortunately allowed to do it the entire year-round: looking pretty on your Sunday best. That doesn’t mean that you always have to buy yourself the newest clothes or interior. A small detail, a different colour accent or the addition of an accessory is usually enough to look like brand new. That’s the way how I handle it too. Subtle, but outstanding. A couple of examples.

(Benefit of a Easter extra of a 10% discount. Valid till 16th of April 2017 and only applicable on the described items coming from the LECHAPERON gallery).



I don’t know why but when I think about Easter, I also think about cheerful bowties. You know, the bow or a bow tie. Maybe it’s because of its shape resembling the shape of a butterfly, but it always makes me smile. The idea that a bow can only be worn during formal occasions has long been outdated. Actually, it fits every occasion. And certainly at Easter. Of course. A bowtie is a very simple accessory to completely change the look of your outfit.

Formerly a bowtie strictly had to be hand tied according to the etiquette, but today there’re a lot of pre-tied bowties available. Like the duo Mint & Pine and Pine & Mint for the men amongst us for instance. But, there are a lot of ‘bow possibilities’ for the ladies too. Just think about a ribbon in your hair, on your shoes, attached to a necklace etc. A bow quickly creates a uber feminine look. If you’re more into a look-with-attitude, like me, there still is the bowtie for her.

Shop our collection bowties for him & for her  
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The apex of femininity, and a massive statement! It’s your way to tell that being a little bit ‘different’ is alright! Read here for another 6 reasons why a bowtie is always a smart choice. Also during Easter.


Do you also enjoy dining? Than you are definitely looking forward to Easter time. After the Easter eggs have been found (and tasted), everyone sociably joins the table. The most colourful decorations show up on the table. Easter is a spring feast and you can’t ignore it. You will see it. Or even better, Because for some of you, Easter is a good excuse to go all out as far as table decorations can go. And yes, that’s OK too. Me personally? I like to do it a little different: I rather choose a couple of strong timeless base elements that combine very easily with different sorts of colour. In case of the Blueberry placemats and coasters, I played with the colours blue, green and white. It creates a very fresh and yet stylish look. The dark colour, the pure and clean design of the placemats counterweight many colourful accents that you would like to add to it.

Shop our blueberry collection for your table
(don’t forget to insert the CODE paasbest17 when checking out to receive a 10% discount)

For colour accents, I often revert to the beautiful flowers of Bloomon that manage to leave some ‘happiness’ behind every time.  Or I choose pretty napkins, colourful glasses or different colourful accents like the spoons or original cups in the example below. Plants are always a good ‘atmosphere’ makers and the home-made and coloured eggs or pots are the cherry on the (Easter) cake (I’m a fan of some of the results on the blog Lyliardor).


If you like colour, and like to be creative, then I totally understand that you prefer to fill in your definition of ‘making it pretty’ by doing it yourself. Easter is the ideal moment to go all out with your DIY creations. Do you also hide some kind of inspiration box (or cupboard) where you reach for occasionally, when the – in this case – spring feelings overwhelm you? I keep some pieces of fabric, paint, cards, wire, glue, empty canvasses etc. in my cupboard. Sometimes such a creative mood results in a table- or interior decoration and, very occasionally, also in an outfit accessory.

The possibilities are endless. A while ago a couple bloggers created some nice accessories with the different fabrics of the TOGETHER textilebox from Lotte Martens, or they integrated them as an accent into some outfits. They show you that you can accomplish a lot with 13 different fabrics and formats. More inspiration can be found here.

Shop the fabric box TOGETHER
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Because it’s almost Easter time, you can benefit from a 10% discount when purchasing the described items coming from the LECHAPERON gallery (CODE paasbest17). Action valid till 16th of April.

With this inspiration you can soon show up at the Easter breakfast table on your Sunday best ;-). Enjoy, and don’t let a small chocolate stain ruin the fun.

Love, Vicky x



Source : Buzzfeed, Melissachanel, Bloomon, Beaverhausen, Styleoholic

Circle in your wardrobe

Which shape is more simplified than a circle? According to the astrology the sun and moon exist from a single shape pictured as a circle and they belong to the oldest scratches of humanity. I still have an old paper with some of my first drawings (scratches) on it. Of course : circles. Later, this round shape will certainly keep coming back in for example the shape of a ball, traffic signs, traffic lights, a ring, an expanding circle when you throw a stone in the water, etc. Just look around. Circles can be found everywhere. But are you also aware of the positive vibes of a circle in your wardrobe?

A circle as a source of inspiration

I think that circles have actually always existed. But dependent of your spirit of age and prediction of trends around you, this pure shape is staging its comeback. Apparently it comes and it goes. Well, yeah, trends… More fascinating is to see how a circle, with its perfect and pure shape, inspires people in what they do and how people make use of circles surrounding them. In their interior or wardrobe for example. Also to quite some artists and designers it’s all about circles and round shapes.

Actually, did you know that this geometric symbol could have a more positive effect on your mood in comparison to tight and straight lines? Round (and also oval) shapes should have a refreshing effect. Isn’t that nice? Bunchy, round, circular. A good reason to never avoid the use of round shapes anymore.

Circles in your wardrobe

Yes, also in clothing you can find circles. Or should I say “round lines”? Some successful examples of this are the pulls of Elsien Gringhuis. Now, I’m not a fashionista or stylist so I will not try to discuss the do’s or dont’s for clothing. But what I will do, is giving you some ideas of accessories that could improve clothing. It’s obvious that an accessory, just like your choice of clothing, tells something about who you are.

A circle can be simple and pure, refined or playful. It’s outstanding. Always. The thing I keep noticing is that circles, as accessories, are being inflicted by men and women with a personality. This tells a lot about the strength of such a simple but powerful shape. Pure aesthetic!

And what about you? Do you also have some round shapes in your closet that make you happy?

Some of our LECHAPERON makers were inspired too by a circle. Discover them in our online shop. In another blogpost, I’ll tell you about the effect of circles on your interior.

See you!

Vicky x


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Thoughtful gifts

The end of the year is always the most festive and warm for friends and family. There are parties to host and to attend, and great food and wine to share. I always especially love giving and receiving beautiful, thoughtful gifts with those I care about most. Even just a small gift can help you say so much to someone and show that you care about them and think about them warmly.

At LECHAPERON, I have worked to cultivate an ethic and a way of approaching life and craft that values this kind of personal care and warmth in everything we do. This makes our makers and their creations perfect for experiencing, sharing and giving with friends and family during these times when we celebrate the festive season together.

A flash of brilliance

Choosing gifts to exchange with your friends and family can sometimes be challenging. In fashion, especially, the products and ideas we’re exposed to most often are those we see in commercials, in magazines and on television. Everyone has heard of a scarf by Hermes, but there is no connection to it you can experience; it’s impersonal. By contrast, the gorgeous silk Scarf George Balanchine by Monsieur Maison is a standout in any holiday situation.

With bold, energetic colors and style that are both festive and modern, it brings a flash of brilliance to the table that anyone will notice immediately. And the care and craft with which it’s made, by hand, in Belgium, will make it a clear expression of your care and warmth for whomever receives it.

Expressions of care and dedication

Even in the smallest things, it’s still possible to find little expressions of the care and dedication that we try to show for each other at the holiday season, and which are part of what our makers at LECHAPERON create every day. A gift of jewelry, while itself just a tiny thing, says so much to the woman who receives it, as it is intimate and particular to her. It expresses her style, and puts forward her authentic self.

And when that style can come from a place of creativity and dedication, it makes the gift even more meaningful. An elegant pair of Mingle earrings from Lien Hereijgers are a perfect way to express that to the woman you care for, and she can even wear them to the holiday parties you will attend together!

And speaking of attending parties and gatherings for New Year’s, or just general Holiday cheer, we can’t overlook the fact that we want to look good ourselves too! For a festive party, it’s important to be festive with who we are. A simple, beautiful leather clutch made by the incomparable Sarah Deruwe is a perfect way to accent your holiday garb and demonstrate your style beyond any doubt: a stylish modern woman for a modern holiday.

Wish you all a very festive New year’s eve and a splendid 2017! And remember : new year, new feels, new chances, same dreams, fresh starts … Discover LECHAPERON’s thoughtful treats also in 2017 via this link and let someone know that you care…


Make gifting even more satisfying and nourishing

“What a great feeling it is to offer, to others or yourself, little pleasures that resonate with your values… and when you know the stories behind the objects, it makes gifting even more satisfying and nourishing.”

identity Lines / manner

That’s how Lysiane-Marie from the fashion blog LINES / MANNER introduces her readers to our 1 year project, HOLSTEIN LL 1401. She tells you a bit more about the HOLSTEIN PROJECT, collaboration and the vision of both Lore Langendries & LECHAPERONunlimited. She calls it it the ‘fusion of Art and Fashion‘.

gifting Lines/manner

Founder of Lines/manner, Lysiane-Marie is a Fashion Influencer, a Content Creator and a Private Stylist based in France who is now wearing one of our brooches. Fashion reveals her keen sense for details and releases her creative spirit. Lysiane-Marie’s visual signature is primarily minimalist, monochrome, complemented with an attitude and a distinctive sunspot on her left cheek. However, her creative guideline in creating her looks is first and foremost her mindset of the moment. Check out the text she wrote about us and discover more of the beautiful pictures she took at:

Discover our HOLSTEIN project, the 366 brooches 

and start gifting, to others or your beautiful self.

Picture credits @Lines/manner


6 reasons why wearing a bowtie is always a good choice

Why wearing a bowtie? I’ll give you 6 good reasons why you – men and women – can wear a bowtie, regardless of the trends. Follow me…


Recently, someone asked me ‘if bowties are still ‘in” and ‘if someone actually still wears a bowtie’. You have to know that I don’t consider myself as someone following trends. I’m aware of the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ but I only choose what matches with who I and my personal style. Of course you can’t ignore the many impressions in the street telling you what’s ‘hot or not’. But is that a reason to do what everyone else is already doing? Nope, I do not think so. So, allow me to come back to your question above, sir : if you like wearing a bowtie, and if it fits with who you are, why should you leave this beautiful, all-time favorite and unique fashion accessory in your closet?

Let’s say you meet someone tomorrow asking you if that bowtie you’re wearing, is still ‘in’? Shoot back with the following six reasons that indicate why you do what you do:

  1. It’s different and you stand out of the crowd
    Wearing a bowtie is a “statement maker” that reflects who you are as an individual. Just because it is not commonly prescribed in the “fashion bible”. Fashion says ‘me too’. Style says ‘only me’.
  2. A bowtie is a good the conversation topic
    This is also a good reason to choose the right pattern and form from the beginning, that matches and strengthens your personality. When in doubt, go for a ‘classic’ pattern, combined with a nice outfit. The 3 models at LECHAPERON (Madame Bovary, Pine & Mint, Mint & Pine), are good examples to stand out and being cool, elegant and classic at the same time. 
  3. If you like it, just wear it
    Because you do not slavishly follow what’s ‘in’ and ‘out’. You choose to make your own style.
  4. Boost your confidence
    Wearing a bowtie, exudes a playful and challenging kind of confidence.
  5. Bowties are of A L L times
    Take a look into history!
  6. Bowties are cool
    Always. End of discussion.

Isabel Naesens herself, founder of Comme les Loups, would say : “When in doubt, a bow tie is always a good choice!”. Read the full portrait about this maker via this link.

The new collaboration with Comme les Loups resulted in 3 new models : two for him and one for her. Delete ‘boring’ and show who you are!

Les Rebelles d’Anvers

les rebelles d anvers

In April 2016 LES REBELLES D’ANVERS introduced a new initiative that wanted know whether Belgium was ready or not for the first clothing library (located in Antwerp of course). Yes, a library. No books, just clothing. During 3 months, you could rent designer clothes and if you liked what you tested, you had the possibility to purchase the clothing. Important message of their clothing selection: focus on sustainable fashion of mostly Belgian but also other labels.

Because LECHAPERONunlimited shares the idea of ‘buying more conscious and less impulsive’, I wanted to participate this great initiative. Just like Les Rebelles, LECHAPERON stays away from the “fast fashion” by selecting and promoting durable and timeless designs. In order to give you the opportunity to get to know some of our products offline,  LECHAPERON gave some products on loan so you could admire, test or rent some of our beautiful designs by our makers. You could feel the George Balanchine scarf of Monsieur Maison, admire the PARDES scarf of Nathalie van der Massen and smell the beautiful leather clutch of DERUWE.

Meanwhile, the ladies of Les Rebelles are trying to find out if and how this great project can continue in the future. I’ll keep you posted…

HUNACTURING by Lore Langendries

Hunacturing Lore Langendries


A couple of months ago, I contacted Lore Langendries for a cooperation with LECHAPERONunlimited. Lore is an artistic maker in the field of contemporary jewelry and object design. Her designs caught my eye because of the materials she used (animal skins) and the way she presented them. Each object is wearable and functional, and yet also essential in itself. I wanted to meet her, listen to her story and I wanted to know all about her making process ‘Hunacturing’.

57. Holstein LL 1401

Picture above: Holstein LL 1401 is the result of an exceptional combination of a grid existing out of identical circles, a natural cow skin and the reproductive lasercut technique. Differences in the thickness of the skin, hair growth and the color of the skin transform the mass-produced circles into individual artefacts, 366 brooches. The circle, as a pure geometric form shows the essence of the material in a close-up. The focus on hidden details gives a whole new perspective on the subject.

Sunday 29.11.2015, we had the opportunity to participate in a personal tour by Lore herself during the expo FOCUS in the fashion museum in Hasselt. This exposition shows the final result of her research about how to combine the reproducibility of a mechanical way of working and the human intervention of the maker in order to conserve the uniqueness of each object. This was made possible by use of natural materials, whereby each commodity – and therefore each product – stays unique.

Lore calls herself a “maker” because “designer” and “artist” don’t fully cover her approach and her role in the design and production process. She created her own work philosophy, named ‘hunacturing”. Hunacturing refers to the making process, fusing HUman, NAture and manufACTURING. This philosophy challenges the interaction between manual versus mechanical and unique versus serial.

Holstein LL 1401

For her research, Lore selected different fragments of animal skins of which the structure and / or the color were interesting. Then she transformed them into circular shapes by means of a laser cutting machine. This circle as a pure geometrical form shows the essence and beauty of various materials in their most elementary form. It allowed Lore to focus on a drawing in the skin, the natural hair direction and other specific details. The result is a beautiful collection of necklaces and brooches that can also be used as wall-hangings to create an instant surprisingly inviting effect.

Lore Langendries, doctor in Arts and a master in making wearable and unwearable objects. Similar and unique. And extremely touchable.

The expo FOCUS is still running in the fashion museum in Hasselt until 10.01.2016. Address : Gasthuisstraat 11, HASSELT – Website Lore Langendries :

Lore Langendries & LECHAPERONunlimited offer you the opportunity to buy one or more pieces of the Holstein 1401 LL collection. Register here if you want to be the first to know about it.To be continued.