Fools with dreams

fools with dreams

He calls me a ‘fool’. Fool Nr 9. 2 months ago, Maarten started the project ‘fools with dreams’. A great project about doing what you love, no matter what. Maarten travels around while meeting new people & places and he translates their story into pictures. This project gives him the opportunity to do what he loves to do : being a photographer to capture moments, things and people worth photographing. I invited Maarten for a stay in our home because I was curious to know more about him and his project. I like the mindset of this philosopher, who lives according to his way of life and applies a hands-on mentality. Glad to share with you some of his impressions.





Sven portret


Curious to know more about Maarten, his project and work? Follow him on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, or take a look at his website. Maybe you could be his next fool?


Reprint Limerick

December is a very busy month for LECHAPERON, as we decided to go temporarily offline too. In between our 2-offline events, I drove to Ghent this week to participate Carll Cneut’s book signing in the bookshop ‘Limerick‘. Together with the ‘limited edition’ reprint.

It’s not just a book

Gert Brouns – owner of the bookstore – led me all the way to the back of the store. This was the place where visitors and admirers of Carll’s work had the opportunity to have a little chat with the master of illustration himself, signing each book with a drawing and a personal note. ‘To Birdie, Ella, Sarah, Celine, Mela-mini, Katrien, Caroline, Hannah, Karen, Cas, …’ . That’s how ‘a’ book all of the sudden became ‘their’ book :-).

20151217_205339-e1450561034697 20151217_200424-e1450562686528

W.F. Hermans

When I entered Limerick, I didn’t know yet that this bookstore is more than a bookstore. It doesn’t only offer books and time to discover them. From September 3, 2013 bookstore Limerick also houses and exposes a unique collection of typewriters of the Dutch writer Willem Frederik Hermans (1921-1995). W.F. Hermans is considered as one of the most important Dutch writers of the twentieth century. He started to use typewriters because – according to him – this was the only way to keep up with his flood of ideas and thoughts.



After the Scryption museum in the Netherlands was forced to close its doors, there were three candidates to preserve this unique collection. Eventually Limerick was chosen as new home and final destination of the 161 typewriters. It’s pretty impressive sitting in that small room, surrounded by the personal collection of W.F. Hermans.


Reprint Limerick

Gert explained that it was a teacher who introduced Hermans work to him at young age. Ever since that moment, Hermans has been of great importance to his personal life and thinking. By keeping and exposing this unique Hermans collection in his bookstore, Gert hopes to pass this literary / cultural heritage on to future generation. The restoration and maintenance of these typewriters is done trough adoption. Yes indeed, you can adopt a machine to keep it ‘alive’and you’re invited to use the machine whenever you want.

Nooit meer typen

A selection from this rich collection is beautiful portrayed by art photographer Philippe Debeerst in the book ‘Nooit meer typen’ with a personal contribution by Peter Terrin, Christophe Vekeman and Dirk van Weelden. Of course, also available in Limerick in Ghent.


Picture W.F. Hermans :

HUNACTURING by Lore Langendries

Hunacturing Lore Langendries


A couple of months ago, I contacted Lore Langendries for a cooperation with LECHAPERONunlimited. Lore is an artistic maker in the field of contemporary jewelry and object design. Her designs caught my eye because of the materials she used (animal skins) and the way she presented them. Each object is wearable and functional, and yet also essential in itself. I wanted to meet her, listen to her story and I wanted to know all about her making process ‘Hunacturing’.

57. Holstein LL 1401

Picture above: Holstein LL 1401 is the result of an exceptional combination of a grid existing out of identical circles, a natural cow skin and the reproductive lasercut technique. Differences in the thickness of the skin, hair growth and the color of the skin transform the mass-produced circles into individual artefacts, 366 brooches. The circle, as a pure geometric form shows the essence of the material in a close-up. The focus on hidden details gives a whole new perspective on the subject.

Sunday 29.11.2015, we had the opportunity to participate in a personal tour by Lore herself during the expo FOCUS in the fashion museum in Hasselt. This exposition shows the final result of her research about how to combine the reproducibility of a mechanical way of working and the human intervention of the maker in order to conserve the uniqueness of each object. This was made possible by use of natural materials, whereby each commodity – and therefore each product – stays unique.

Lore calls herself a “maker” because “designer” and “artist” don’t fully cover her approach and her role in the design and production process. She created her own work philosophy, named ‘hunacturing”. Hunacturing refers to the making process, fusing HUman, NAture and manufACTURING. This philosophy challenges the interaction between manual versus mechanical and unique versus serial.

Holstein LL 1401

For her research, Lore selected different fragments of animal skins of which the structure and / or the color were interesting. Then she transformed them into circular shapes by means of a laser cutting machine. This circle as a pure geometrical form shows the essence and beauty of various materials in their most elementary form. It allowed Lore to focus on a drawing in the skin, the natural hair direction and other specific details. The result is a beautiful collection of necklaces and brooches that can also be used as wall-hangings to create an instant surprisingly inviting effect.

Lore Langendries, doctor in Arts and a master in making wearable and unwearable objects. Similar and unique. And extremely touchable.

The expo FOCUS is still running in the fashion museum in Hasselt until 10.01.2016. Address : Gasthuisstraat 11, HASSELT – Website Lore Langendries :

Lore Langendries & LECHAPERONunlimited offer you the opportunity to buy one or more pieces of the Holstein 1401 LL collection. Register here if you want to be the first to know about it.To be continued.


Overload alert

Schermafbeelding 2015-09-16 om 22.50.40


Are you also sometimes overwhelmed by the choices we have to make in everyday life? So many things to see, to do, to read, to cook, to enjoy, to make, to love, to eat. I call this a ‘choice overload alert’.

“The more choices you make throughout the day, the harder each one becomes for your brain, and eventually it looks for shortcuts,” commented John Tierney of the New York Times on a result of a study in 2010 by Jonathan Levav and Shai Danziger. Your reserve of willpower will be more and more reduced, the more decisions you (have to) make during the day. At that point it seems people start making more impulsive decisions instead of carefully thinking through all options and consequences, or, wind up doing nothing at all because of a lack of energy to choose and weigh options.

Within an overload of impressions, things and choices, people tend to overlook the real stuff. Authentic things. Products resulted from an inherent passion and created by people for people to be loved and treasured. LECHAPERON goes for less. Less in quantity and more in uniqueness.

This online platform is all about authentic products, people and stories coming together. We select and present you an eclectic combination of limited series of unique products, only available at LECHAPERON. We also introduce you to various makers. Makers who are already well established names within their field, while others are still emerging and very promising. On our portrait wall you can dive into their stories, read all about their thoughts and doubts and their journey of being a maker.

LECHAPERON is for people in search for less. People who search more consciously for the right product or something unique.

I’ll bet you are – just like me – curious to know what their story is, and how this can inspire you. And me.

Welcome at LECHAPERON.