A circle in your interior

Last time I already wrote about the effect of a circle on your wardrobe. This time you’ll discover the effect of a circle on your interior. Circles are everywhere and once you are aware of the positive vibes of a circle in your interior, you’ll never want to live without. Also for a lot of artists and designers, circles are a great source of inspiration. Watch and get inspired.


Circles in your interior and on the table
Round shapes will bring warmth to your interior. And no, it doesn’t break down that sleek look. On the contrary. You will create your space and you will give the room a quiet (or playful) appearance with a feeling of warmth and cosiness. By combining round shapes with tight lines you’ll create a contrast that works. Look at the example on the pictures below.

Lee Broom

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Anne Brand Hoej
Pardes by Nathalie van der Massen for LECHAPERON

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Ontwerpduo for LECHAPERON

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Frederik Delbart

The advantages for your interior will also work on a table. By the use of round shapes you will create space on the table without worsening the cosiness. The simple and pure shape of the circle results into a feeling of quietness. Therefore, you can focus on the food and the good company.

Double Stitched for LECHAPERON

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And what about you? Do you recognize the positive vibes of a circle?

Vicky x



Sunday best

Back in the day, around 90 years ago, people had the habit to wear their best (or newest) clothes on Easter to look as if they were dressed in their Sunday best. But nowadays you are fortunately allowed to do it the entire year-round: looking pretty on your Sunday best. That doesn’t mean that you always have to buy yourself the newest clothes or interior. A small detail, a different colour accent or the addition of an accessory is usually enough to look like brand new. That’s the way how I handle it too. Subtle, but outstanding. A couple of examples.

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I don’t know why but when I think about Easter, I also think about cheerful bowties. You know, the bow or a bow tie. Maybe it’s because of its shape resembling the shape of a butterfly, but it always makes me smile. The idea that a bow can only be worn during formal occasions has long been outdated. Actually, it fits every occasion. And certainly at Easter. Of course. A bowtie is a very simple accessory to completely change the look of your outfit.

Formerly a bowtie strictly had to be hand tied according to the etiquette, but today there’re a lot of pre-tied bowties available. Like the duo Mint & Pine and Pine & Mint for the men amongst us for instance. But, there are a lot of ‘bow possibilities’ for the ladies too. Just think about a ribbon in your hair, on your shoes, attached to a necklace etc. A bow quickly creates a uber feminine look. If you’re more into a look-with-attitude, like me, there still is the bowtie for her.

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The apex of femininity, and a massive statement! It’s your way to tell that being a little bit ‘different’ is alright! Read here for another 6 reasons why a bowtie is always a smart choice. Also during Easter.


Do you also enjoy dining? Than you are definitely looking forward to Easter time. After the Easter eggs have been found (and tasted), everyone sociably joins the table. The most colourful decorations show up on the table. Easter is a spring feast and you can’t ignore it. You will see it. Or even better, Because for some of you, Easter is a good excuse to go all out as far as table decorations can go. And yes, that’s OK too. Me personally? I like to do it a little different: I rather choose a couple of strong timeless base elements that combine very easily with different sorts of colour. In case of the Blueberry placemats and coasters, I played with the colours blue, green and white. It creates a very fresh and yet stylish look. The dark colour, the pure and clean design of the placemats counterweight many colourful accents that you would like to add to it.

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For colour accents, I often revert to the beautiful flowers of Bloomon that manage to leave some ‘happiness’ behind every time.  Or I choose pretty napkins, colourful glasses or different colourful accents like the spoons or original cups in the example below. Plants are always a good ‘atmosphere’ makers and the home-made and coloured eggs or pots are the cherry on the (Easter) cake (I’m a fan of some of the results on the blog Lyliardor).


If you like colour, and like to be creative, then I totally understand that you prefer to fill in your definition of ‘making it pretty’ by doing it yourself. Easter is the ideal moment to go all out with your DIY creations. Do you also hide some kind of inspiration box (or cupboard) where you reach for occasionally, when the – in this case – spring feelings overwhelm you? I keep some pieces of fabric, paint, cards, wire, glue, empty canvasses etc. in my cupboard. Sometimes such a creative mood results in a table- or interior decoration and, very occasionally, also in an outfit accessory.

The possibilities are endless. A while ago a couple bloggers created some nice accessories with the different fabrics of the TOGETHER textilebox from Lotte Martens, or they integrated them as an accent into some outfits. They show you that you can accomplish a lot with 13 different fabrics and formats. More inspiration can be found here.

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With this inspiration you can soon show up at the Easter breakfast table on your Sunday best ;-). Enjoy, and don’t let a small chocolate stain ruin the fun.

Love, Vicky x



Source : Buzzfeed, Melissachanel, Bloomon, Beaverhausen, Styleoholic

Inspirational fabrics

Fantastic fabrics and how to use them

Very few things on our lovely green earth can’t be improved upon with a splash of color or an artful bow. Upcycle your small treasures with a little help from this luxurious LECHAPERON textile box by our very own Maker Lotte Martens or create something new. Choose from no less than 13 gorgeous designs and textures and let your creativity run wild. With this wonderfully diverse collection of fabrics, you can make your cherished items even more unique or personal. Here are just a couple of ideas to get you in the mood:


Baby shoes

Can you think of something cuter than baby shoes? Maybe it’s because I became mom for the second time that I wanted to share this example with you. Stop searching for inspiration if you need a lovely present for a newborn baby. Let your creative skills go wild and dive into the TOGETHER box! Take a look at the manual of the blog thatsewnina for more information.

(In the textile box, you can use almost any sturdy fabric that is equal or larger than 20x25cm (Tjaad felt wool, Niyona fake fur, Jemen felt wool, Bakajev))

Smartphone pocket or a cord holder

Searching for something smaller and easier to make? Try this one. I always find it difficult to find a beautiful pocket to storage and protect my smartphone. But if I were like you, I would make my own smartphone pocket. It’s even beautiful to look at it when you just leave it in the table as well J. While reading about the smartphone pocket, I also stumbled upon the great idea of cord holders. I couldn’t have thought about it myself, but these are stunning and practical at the same time!

Blogpost Blanche

Coffee collar

As a coffee lover, you’re probably one of those people often walking around with a cup sticking to your hand. Or maybe you know a coffee addict that you want to surprise and put a smile on his or her face? Then try the coffee collar!

Download the manual of the coffee collar.

(In the textile box, you can use almost any fabric that is equal or larger than 10x30cm. This means that all of the fabrics can be used)

Mend your torn jeans

Have you ever heard of Kintsugi? It is the Japanese art of mending broken pottery by pouring resin mixed with powdered gold or silver into the cracks. The idea is to stop hiding flaws and damages and to make these broken things even more beautiful than before. Why don’t you apply this philosophy to your torn denim? Use a luscious, bright or intricately patterned piece of fabric and use it to patch up a hole in your favorite jeans. Rather than trying to hide the damage, it will become the highlight of your treasured piece of clothing.


Beautiful stools

We all have a couple of dingy old bar stools or a tattered footstool standing around the house. We keep them tucked away in our attics or hidden in a corner of the room, remnants of our good old student years or an heirloom from a beloved family member, and we’ve just never had the heart to get rid of them. The truth is that we like them around; we like what they stand for. And they’re useful, so why not give them the little spruce they deserve? For a good-as-new beautiful stool, spray-paint the legs in a rich or bright color and upholster the seat with a playful fabric. No sewing skills required: you can just staple the fabric to the stool. Et voilà: an eye-catching new piece for your interior.

A hanging bookcase or a smartphone holder

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives only one,” said Jojen Reed. Books are precious. They are gateways to other worlds and vessels for knowledge and enlightenment. It only makes sense to give them a special place in your home and heart. With a few wooden dowels, some rope and your favorite fabrics, you can create a wonderful hanging book holder for all of the novels that mean the world to you. A smaller version of this book holder is well suited for the family smartphones. It is the perfect ploy to spend more time focused on each other.

As you will see, there is so much to do with a simple piece of fabric. Consider the TOGETHER textile box as your ‘me-time’, your little playground to create the most beautiful pieces, your favourite waste of time…

When life gets you down, make art. Bring some more beauty into this world. It’ll make everything better, we promise.

Details Textile box TOGETHER:

  • 13 fabrics, textures and colours
  • Measurements : A3 / A4 / 9x75cm / 15x37cm / 30x38cm / 13x35cm
  • Material : felt wool, jersey, basics (67% polyester-33% viscose), leather, fake fur

Continue to read more about the TEXTILE box TOGETHER.

December: a chance to think about things that matter

This year, as December arrives along with winter and the holidays that come with it, I also think about ‘home’. And with those thoughts, my reflection also turns to family, friends, the memories and the unique experience of having a home that makes it such a special and important place to return to. A safe haven, a place that’s filled with care and love and memory. 

December christmas tree

While decorating the Christmas tree, my little boy, age 4, said to me : “Mom, when the tree is done, we’ll ‘cosily’ watch a movie in the dark…”. And after school, all the lights of the Christmas tree need to shine, while all other lights in the house need to be turned off. Yes, even this little guy is sensitive to the coziness and warmth that this period entails. A proof, a confirmation, that even the smallest detail can make a difference…

When I’m thinking about warmth, care and dedication, my mind turns to some of the creative makers I have the privilege to work with at LECHAPERON, especially within the context of ‘home’. These makers have been bringing care and dedication to their work for their whole lives, and their work exemplifies the warm spirit of the holidays. With LECHAPERON, you can bring that work and spirit to your home. And as the smallest details can make a difference, hereby some inspiration to suit the action to the word …

Cup & saucer set by Margot Thyssen

When thinking about a holiday table or a party or even a small gathering, I need to tell you about Margot Thyssen, ceramic artist, and one of our ‘CHAPERONS’, Sven, who bought some of the limited edition sets at LECHAPERON.

Cup & saucer by margot thyssen

Sven wrote me about his ‘coffee experience’ after drinking his coffee in Margot’s cup for LECHAPERON. He wrote the following : “I know that normally its the coffee itself that defines the content of the cup, but in this case, its different somehow. Knowing that a person has (hand)made this cup, adds something extra to it. It feels very special to drink your coffee in this unique set.” 

When we gather, we always share food and drinks with each other. And during holidays and Christmas, food and drinks are even more important, as they are shared with those closest and most precious to us. Margot has spent more than the last decade of her life designing and creating some of the most beautiful porcelain objects. Margot’s thoughtful, gorgeous plates and cups can easily become part of your family’s Christmas dinner as important as the roast goose, better than any Wedgewood.

The textile box TOGETHER by Lotte Martens

Lotte Martens has been giving everything of herself to her textile work for more than the last decade. The thought and effort she has put into her energetic, innovative designs over the course of her career are emblematic of the kind of personal warmth we want to remember and think about at holiday time.

And with the exclusive Textile Box TOGETHER she created for LECHAPERON, it’s easy to be able to bring that expression to your own home.


You can appoint your holiday table or living room with those same elegant and extravagant fabrics. The box contains 13 different fabrics and textures to create your own personal favourite table, or home accessories.

Care and dedication of Bjorn Verlinden

Or what about the beautiful label of Bjorn Verlinden? Think of a place setting for the holidays and Christmas not just with a simple woven mat, but using one of the most elegant and refined pieces of artisanal leatherwork today. That is what Bjorn and his work through Double Stitched and LECHAPERON have made possible. Take a little bit of that care and dedication which are visible in every piece he makes, into your home interior. Something that can be seen, felt and enjoyed at your holiday table too.

Big coaster
Placemat, coaster and napkin ring BLUEBERRY

For many people, December is a chance to think about what’s really important. And through that, I want to be able to help you and your family experience the best of what I and the makers at LECHAPERON can offer.

Be merry for upcoming holidays!




Absoluut Magazine about Holstein

ABSoluut Magazine is a magazine with a focus on architecture, supplemented with a mix of enthusiasm, luxury and adventure. The HOLSTEIN project by Lore Langendries & LECHAPERONunlimited was featured in their 12th issue (p. 70). Read about it via this link. I while ago, I wrote about Lore’s ‘making-philosophy’, called HUNACTURING that is the basis of all of her works. For me, this HUNACTURING was one of the reasons why I wanted to collaborate with Lore and why I wanted to present her work to you. Curious what you think about it…

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-22 om 14.35.32

ABSoluut Magazine Issue 12


A confession : dear coffee, I love you.

They come in all kinds of shapes, colours and formats. Yes, even with pictures if you want. A coffee cup. Or do you prefer a ‘mug’?

Do you wake up in the morning searching for your coffee? Are you one of those people who can’t start the day without a cup of coffee or tea? I always loved the smell of coffee, but it took me years before I was ‘into’ drinking coffee. I didn’t like coffee, until the day I found my rescue in a ‘coffee moment’ – a break – during one of my previous jobs in marketing. I started to use ‘my’ coffee moment when I needed time : time to think or rethink ideas, time to stretch my legs, or just time to clear my mind. Although I can easily fill my days without coffee, since then, coffee has become a true companion for life : when I go out to meet a new maker, when I want to write something for the blog, when I just need a break or when I want to steal a moment with my family, I treat myself to a coffee while enjoying the moment. Maybe I like my coffee moments that much because I link it to a ‘peace of mind status’? What I try to say is that coffee can be more than just coffee. Your coffee habit can tell you a lot about who you are.

For instance, there is this very nice lady I met during one of our offline events in December. She seems to have many different coffee cups / mugs. Not pairs or a collection. No, just one single cup of each design. Along the mood of the day, she picks a cup to enjoy her coffee or tea moment. Well, I think that’s wonderful! And oh yes, it probably doesn’t surprise you that she bought our LECHAPERON cup & saucer set. 1 of course…

And then there is Sven who told me about his ‘coffee experience’ after drinking his coffee in our LECHAPERON cup. He is the guy who sees more than meets the eye and takes his time to really look at something. When it fits the picture, it’s good. He says this : I know that normally its the coffee itself that defines the content of the cup, but in this case, its different somehow. Knowing that a person has (hand)made this cup, adds something extra to it. It feels very special to drink your coffee in this unique set. Sven wanted to share this coffee experience also with others and bought 4 sets.

So, how about you? What kind of a coffee drinker are you? Can you live without? Do you prefer the ‘on-the-go’ coffee or do you also take your time to taste the coffee and enjoy the moment like I do?


(If you’re curious to know more about the story of the maker of our LECHAPERON cup & saucer, click here.)

HUNACTURING by Lore Langendries

Hunacturing Lore Langendries


A couple of months ago, I contacted Lore Langendries for a cooperation with LECHAPERONunlimited. Lore is an artistic maker in the field of contemporary jewelry and object design. Her designs caught my eye because of the materials she used (animal skins) and the way she presented them. Each object is wearable and functional, and yet also essential in itself. I wanted to meet her, listen to her story and I wanted to know all about her making process ‘Hunacturing’.

57. Holstein LL 1401

Picture above: Holstein LL 1401 is the result of an exceptional combination of a grid existing out of identical circles, a natural cow skin and the reproductive lasercut technique. Differences in the thickness of the skin, hair growth and the color of the skin transform the mass-produced circles into individual artefacts, 366 brooches. The circle, as a pure geometric form shows the essence of the material in a close-up. The focus on hidden details gives a whole new perspective on the subject.

Sunday 29.11.2015, we had the opportunity to participate in a personal tour by Lore herself during the expo FOCUS in the fashion museum in Hasselt. This exposition shows the final result of her research about how to combine the reproducibility of a mechanical way of working and the human intervention of the maker in order to conserve the uniqueness of each object. This was made possible by use of natural materials, whereby each commodity – and therefore each product – stays unique.

Lore calls herself a “maker” because “designer” and “artist” don’t fully cover her approach and her role in the design and production process. She created her own work philosophy, named ‘hunacturing”. Hunacturing refers to the making process, fusing HUman, NAture and manufACTURING. This philosophy challenges the interaction between manual versus mechanical and unique versus serial.

Holstein LL 1401

For her research, Lore selected different fragments of animal skins of which the structure and / or the color were interesting. Then she transformed them into circular shapes by means of a laser cutting machine. This circle as a pure geometrical form shows the essence and beauty of various materials in their most elementary form. It allowed Lore to focus on a drawing in the skin, the natural hair direction and other specific details. The result is a beautiful collection of necklaces and brooches that can also be used as wall-hangings to create an instant surprisingly inviting effect.

Lore Langendries, doctor in Arts and a master in making wearable and unwearable objects. Similar and unique. And extremely touchable.

The expo FOCUS is still running in the fashion museum in Hasselt until 10.01.2016. Address : Gasthuisstraat 11, HASSELT – Website Lore Langendries : www.lorelangendries.com

Lore Langendries & LECHAPERONunlimited offer you the opportunity to buy one or more pieces of the Holstein 1401 LL collection. Register here if you want to be the first to know about it.To be continued.