Mijmermonologen. 10 schalen, 101 woorden, 1 verhaal.
The product 10 plates, 101 words, 1 story
by Linde Hermans

10 plates, 101 words, 1 story

10 plates as a comfort zone around an old metal figurine, was one of many concepts conceived by product designer and creative dreamer Linde Hermans. Two companions and three years later, the complete set of Musing Monologues is ready to be shown. The 10 plates come alive through a monologue that is told in exactly 101 words. Together they are 1 story. Musing monologues is a charming invitation to self-reflection for everyone out there: Are you a dreamer? A hunter or a rebel? Or do you recognize yourself or someone else in the character of hope or the pursuit of harmony? Listen to the monologues of Pepijn, Helena, Gerd, Mick, Jacob, Elisabeth, Leon, Jesse and Eden, Seth and Rien. And step into the wonderful world of Musing Monologues. Don’t forget to take a look at the unique and inspiring postcard package ‘art by post’, that bundles the 10 Musing Monologues in a postcard format.

Maker: Linde Hermans

Mijmermonologen. 10 schalen, 101 woorden, 1 verhaal.
Mijmermonologen. 10 schalen, 101 woorden, 1 verhaal.MijmermonologenMijmermonologen. 10 schalen, 101 woorden, 1 verhaal.Mijmermonologen. 10 schalen, 101 woorden, 1 verhaal.Mijmermonologen. 10 schalen, 101 woorden, 1 verhaal.Mijmermonologen. 10 schalen, 101 woorden, 1 verhaal.Kunst per post postkaartpakketKunst per postKunst per post

Product Description

About the project

The project Musing Monologues was created during a first visit by LECHAPERON-animator Vicky Janssen to the studio of the Belgian Product Designer Linde Hermans in Houthalen. A personal feeling, the same vision and approach soon led to a collaboration between the two creative ladies. In order to bring the characters of Musing Monologues to life, they called in the writing pen of Petra Thomas. The enthusiasm, dedication and motivation of this complementary three-headed team resulted in 10 plates, 101 words and 1 story.


Linde Hermans (1974) is Product Designer and uses her infinite creativity to tell stories. Her language is her design. Nothing just exists and everything is emotion. Inspired by fairytales, images and symbols she sometimes creates her objects are sometimes serious and other times they are impish. From ceramics and textile, to leather bags and interior design objects, to scenography and installations in public spaces. Always topped with the necessary know-how and a dash of Linde. The creation of the 10 Musing Monologues is one of the many realisations of this creative dreamer. www.lindehermans.be

Petra Thomas (1978) is a writer and calls herself a professional doubter and coffee drinker. Since a few years ago Petra writes about everything and nothing on her blog ‘Niemen(d)alletjes’. With her warm and intimate personality, she touches your heart and leads you to little moments, taken out of life. And each and every time she hits the spot. Petra Thomas wrote the 10 Musing Monologues in exactly 101 words. www.petrathomas.be

Vicky Janssen (1981) is a freelance copywriter and initiator of this online gallery LECHAPERON. She goes her own way and likes to be surprised by a personal encounter, a story and the creativity of the moment. She is the glue, the extra layer, that connects everything and everyone. Sometimes in the form of an online gallery, sometimes in the form of an idea, an encounter or a story. Like the Musing Monologues project, for instance.

I enjoy the 'little moments' in life, like taking a walk for instance.

Linde Hermans / Product Designer