Heksenfee Carll Cneut
The product Reprint painting Heksenfee
by Carll Cneut  165,00

Reprint painting Heksenfee

This image captures little fairy Rosemary that rather would be a witch than a fairy. The story of the book refers to the strong bond between girls and their mom. A unique image and story to treasure and to look at. Over and over again. This reprint painting ‘Heksenfee’ is the second reproduction of one of the original works of illustrator Carll Cneut.


  • Measurements : 36 cm x 44cm (frame is not included)
  • Material : Hahnemühle paper (RAG 312), signed by Carll Cneut
  • Giclée print technique (for more info, see below)
Maker: Carll Cneut


Heksenfee Carll Cneut
Heksenfee Carll CneutHeksenfee Carll CneutHeksenfee Carll CneutHeksenfee Carll CneutHeksenfee Carll CneutHeksenfee Carll Cneut

Product Description


The  image is part of the book ‘Heksenfee’ by Brigitte Minne. You meet the character of little fairy Rosemary flying around, who lives with her mom in an air castle. Her mother always wants her to be sweet and tidy. But Rosemary doesn’t want to be or act that way. She’d rather be filthy and dirty. She wants to be like a witch. Therefore she decides to move to a witch forest where she learns all kinds of witch manners. Slowly, her mom understands that you can lead another kind of life as a fairy too. The book is a beautiful story about the strong bond between girls and their mom, wonderfully illustrated by Carll Cneut.

In 2015, LECHAPERON already introduced the very first reproduction of an original work by Carll Cneut (‘de blauwe vogel‘) on the market in a limited edition series. The collaboration between the illustrator and LECHAPERON continues with this new reproduction of the original painting ‘Heksenfee’ and the series unique pencil drawings.


The ‘giclée’ printing technique is known for its high resolution effect whereby the image contains all the tonalities and the hues of the original painting. For this reproduction, the original painting is printed on Hahnemühle paper to guarantee the highest quality. The Hahnemühle paper contains the Digigraphie label that stands for the lightfastness testing results (for more info, please visit http://www.wilhelm-research.com).

I don’t need much to be happy ... having friends and family around and being able to do what I like is perfect.

Carll Cneut / Illustrator
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