The product 366 brooches
by Lore Langendries

366 brooches

The complete HOLSTEIN collection is a wall object consisting of 366 individual brooches. You can use the brooches as a brooch or you can integrate them into your interior by creating your own wall hanging composition.

Details :

  • Measurements : 8 cm
  • Material : cowhide, saddle leather, magnet
  • Price range: 65€ – 155€ – 250€

Warning : people carrying a pacemaker should not wear a brooch because of the integrated magnet at the back of the brooch. The magnet can interrupt the pacing and inhibit the output of pacemakers.

Maker: Lore Langendries

HolsteinHolsteinHolstein LL 1401Holstein 36:366DSC_0079HolsteinDSC_0014DSC_0059HolsteinDSC_0069DSC_0063

Product Description

The complete Holstein LL 1401 is the result of an exceptional combination of a grid existing out of identical circles, a natural cow skin and the reproductive laser cut technique. Differences in the thickness of the skin, hair growth and the color of the skin transformed the mass-produced circles into individual artefacts with a different outcome. 

HOLSTEIN project

Fascinated by Lore’s work, approach and personality Lore and Vicky from LECHAPERON established a collaboration in 2016 which grew to be the HOLSTEIN LL 1401 project.

Since February 12 2016, this rather abstract art installation has slowly transformed into a HOLSTEIN-family by integrating each new brooch owner into our wall and story. Consequently, each brooch is withdrawn from its familiar context and will be transformed in a stand-alone object that will get a new identity, reinforced by its wearer. At February 12 2017, exactly 366 days after the start of the project, the HOLSTEIN family was reunited during a closing event where each fragment and its wearer were part of a bigger picture again. During this 1 year project, Lore Langendries and LECHAPERONunlimited focused on one brooch a day by means of a story, an image, an anecdote during the next 366 days via social media. The 1 year project is completed, but the family is still growing. All brooches stay available until the family is completed ! Want to join our family?


Lore introduced her own work philosophy, ‘HUNACTURING”. Hunacturing refers to the making process, fusing HUman, NAture and manufACTURING. This philosophy challenges the interaction between manual versus mechanical and unique versus serial.

I always try to capture the essence.

Lore Langendries / Jewellery designer