The product MINGLE earrings silver
by Lien Hereijgers  159,00

MINGLE earrings silver

With these MINGLE earrings, you express yourself in a sophisticated way by means of the smooth lines and rich colours. Classy and graceful? Playful and lively? Just Mingle! Create 3 different looks with 1 pair : long, short or an asymmetrical look by combining the long and short bar. Nobody puts you in a corner when you are wearing these beautiful earrings. Shine! And show the world who you are!

Details :

  • Measurements : overall length (short + long bar) 6.5 cm – short bar 2.7cm (diameter : 3mm)
  • Material : composite + 925 sterling silver, handmade in Belgium
  • Colour: short bar : black & dark blue – long bar : black, yellow and  green with transparent surfaces
  • Extra : second clasp so the earrings can also be worn only with the short bar (see picture)
  • Only available on request (delivery time 3 to 5 weeks)
Maker: Lien Hereijgers



Product Description

The name MINGLE of these MINGLE earrings refers to the used composite material and the multiple ways of wearing these stunning earrings. More and more people dare to choose a statement jewel as it expresses who you are and what you stand for. The MINGLE earrings are the result of the endless possibilities of composite (resin), combined with colour pigments. By applying the right techniques, materials and color pigments,  the final result looks much more richly than the base from which it is derived. A very long and intensive experimental phase is often prior to each design.

The label will always color as a signature. The material may evolve, but experimenting and discovering new things will always remain part of the creation process.


It's nice to see that more and more people dare to choose statement jewellery.

Lien Hereijgers / Jewellery designer
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