Necklace Elisa Lee
The product Mini Zig Zag necklace
by Elisa-Lee  275,00

Mini Zig Zag necklace

We love the rose ZIG ZAG pattern around the neck! You can wear this pure and strong design along the mood of the day or your outfit. A real eye catcher that takes any outfit up a notch!

Details :

  • Measurements : length 32 cm, the necklace has no closing clasp
  • Material : plated rose gold (basis 925 sterling silver)
  • Color : rose
Maker: Elisa-Lee


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Necklace Elisa Lee
Mini Zig Zag necklace Elisa LeeNecklace Elisa LeeNecklace Elisa Lee

Product Description

The maker of this beautiful necklace, Elisabeth Leenknegt, comes from a family of passionate glass artists. Following that tradition, Elisa Lee designs and creates jewellery out of hand-forged silver or gold and mouth-blown glass. Every jewel is the result of experimenting and finding new ways of using traditional techniques, whereby design and craftsmanship nicely come together.

Every Wednesday afternoon, I stayed at my grandparents’ home. My grandfather was some kind of ‘nutty professor’.

Elisa-Lee / Jewellery designer
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