Mijmermonologen Jacob
The product Musing Monologues Jacob
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Musing Monologues Jacob

[jacob] She feels he is coming closer. The heavy soles of his leather boots muffle his footsteps, but there’s a threat lurking in the soft whisper of the leaves. Danger draws near. She can almost smell it. Her eagle eyes dart nervously back and forth, scouring the dark sky. A pheasant flies up. The flapping of its wings slowly fades away. As if the resonance is absorbed by the clouds. The ground under her feet cracks. He is almost there. The air between them becomes thicker. Tension whizzes in her ears. The loom of his shape ahead. He never misses, she thinks. ©Petra Thomas 2018

Jacob is part of the tenfold series Musing Monologues. Continue to read for more information (below the pictures).

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Maker: Linde Hermans


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Mijmermonologen Jacob
Mijmermonologen JacobMijmermonologen JacobMijmermonologen JacobMijmermonologen JacobMijmermonologen JacobMijmermonologen. 10 schalen, 101 woorden, 1 verhaal.Jacob kunst per postJacob kunst per postKunst per post

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About Musing Monologues

10 plates as a comfort zone around an old metal figurine, was one of many concepts conceived by product designer and creative dreamer Linde Hermans. Two companions and three years later, the complete set of Musing Monologues is ready to be shown. The 10 plates come alive through a monologue that is told in exactly 101 words. Together they are 1 story. Musing monologues is a charming invitation to self-reflection for everyone out there: Are you a dreamer? A hunter or a rebel? Or do you recognize yourself or someone else in the character of hope or the pursuit of harmony? Listen to the monologues of Pepijn, Helena, Gerd, Mick, Jacob, Elisabeth, Leon, Jesse and Eden, Seth and Rien. And step into the wonderful world of Musing Monologues.

Musing Monologues is a project by Linde Hermans, Petra Thomas and Vicky Janssen.

I enjoy the 'little moments' in life, like taking a walk for instance.

Linde Hermans / Product Designer
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