Nice handbag Hanne beutels
The product NICE handbag
by Hanne Beutels  200,00

NICE handbag

If you’re looking for a simple way to update any wardrobe: punctuate your outfit with this NICE handbag! The rectangular shape is very practical in use and easy to carry with you. Because of the zipper, you don’t have to worry about loosing things and the little pocket inside of the bag is perfect to storage your phone or other small accessories.


  • Measurements : 31 x 38,5 cm
  • Material : zipper, combination of recycled leather and textile; 100% handmade in Belgium
  • Colour: green – black
Maker: Hanne Beutels


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Nice handbag Hanne beutels
Nice handbag Hanne beutels

Product Description

The ‘NICE’ handbag by Hanne Beutels is a mix of recycled leather and textile, 100% handmade. The quantity is determined by the availability of the fabric, so you can be sure that only a happy few will become the new owner of this lovely bag :-)! The black leather feels very smooth and flexible, while the fabric is more stiff to retain the shape of the handbag and by consequence increases the impact resistance.
The handbag contains some small, playful and eye-catching details like the green coloured strap. The inside of the bag is provided with an inner cotton lining, incl. a pocket.

I work very intuitively, with a lot of eye for detail.

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