Nice to meet you
The product Print Nice to meet you
by Sven unik-id  248,00

Print Nice to meet you

This self portrait of the designer reflects a unique bipolar individual as an ode to the vulnerability and at the same time also tot he  defensibility of the human mind.

Details :

  • Measurements : 120 x 60cm
  • Material :  image is printed on ‘Dibond’ frame; Can also be used for outdoor applications.
  • Colour : blue-green-white tonalities
  • When ordering, waiting time can take up to 1 week
Maker: Sven unik-id


Product Description

The print Nice to meet you is created by Sven. Sven was confronted with two psychoses in his young life. He has learned to control his madness, by giving expression to it via art installations and performances. His work is an ode to the vulnerability and at the same time also to defensibility of the human mind. In the print, you can see a small frame that used to be the ground plan of the indoor garden of the institution where Sven stayed during his recovery. This ground plan evolved to an image with two faces of which one is fed with empty blisters of Svens medication. Sven uses the original design for the indoor garden in different formats and compositions. Eventually, the two faces became two figures looking at each other. They seem two different persons, but in fact they are one. One self portrait of Sven as a unique bipolar individual. The image is printed on a Dibond® plate, that is a lightweight panel made up of three layers. The outer layers are made of 0.3 mm thick aluminum and the core is made of black plastic material, also called polyethylene. Dibond® is an aluminum sandwich plate which is stiff and very light in weight by this construction and also very durable. Dibond® plate is UV- and weather resistant and therefore can be used for outdoor applications.


The book ‘ingewikkeld’ tells the story of how he survived this two periods of psychosis. The biggest barrier for a better treatment of people suffering from mental disorder are prejudices. Via his personal contribution to the book, sven hopes to create more awareness, give more insight in the disease and hopefully also more understanding.

My whole identity was taken over by my imagination.

Sven unik-id / Conceptual artist
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