OPtical Balance print
The product Optical balance print
by Stephanie Specht  100,00

Optical balance print

The style of this exclusive optical balance print is determined by the basic shapes and colours. It reflects the designers aesthetic eye for beauty and it refers to her life philosophy of ‘less is more’ and finding balance in life. Did you notice the optical illusion of this seemingly stable construction? This composition works on paper but would instantly collapse if it were 3D.

Details :

  • Limited edition series of 10 prints
  • Measurements : A3 format (29,7 cm x 42,0 cm)
  • Material : Canson® infinity edition etching RAG 310 paper (museum paper 100% cotton, high paper shade stability and a resistance to aging, Digigraphie label)
  • Colour : red, green, dark blue, white en grey (soft colours)
Maker: Stephanie Specht


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Optical balance printOPtical Balance printOPtical Balance printOPtical Balance print

Product Description

The final composition and colours of this image are the result of Stephanie’s aesthetic eye. She looks at her work the way she looks at art. She observes and keeps on going until the image feels right. The message is of less importance. Her visual expression has strongly evolved throughout the years : more simplistic and minimalistic. For this print she used her typical style of basic shapes and colours, creating optical illusion of balance.

The image was digitally printed on Canson® Infinity Edition Etching Rag paper, which is a 100% cotton Fine Art paper with a smooth texture, reminiscent of the original genuine etching and printmaking papers.This museum-grade paper offers a high paper shade stability and a resistance to aging by using natural minerals.

Due to moving several times, I needed the freedom to own nothing.

Stephanie Specht / Graphic designer