Pencil drawing by Carll Cneut (N°4)
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Pencil drawing 4

This is the fourth out of 12 various pencil drawings by illustrator Carll Cneut. Each drawing is a one of a kind and therefore unique. The pencil drawings are the result of various character studies. By focusing on the making process of a character and making it permanent by means of a pencil drawing, you are invited to look at the apparent simplicity with which a new character comes to life. This character is part of a new upcoming book by Toon Tellegen, wonderfully illustrated by Carll Cneut. Happy to introduce you to ‘Toad’. More info about this one year project can be found below the pictures. 


  • One of a kind
  • Measurements : 37 cm x 24.6 cm
  • Material : Sketch paper
  • Pencil drawing signed by Carll Cneut
Maker: Carll Cneut


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Pencil drawing by Carll Cneut (N°4)
Pencil Drawing by illustrator Carll Cneut (N°4)

Product Description

From June 2017 until May 2018, illustrator Carll Cneut introduces 12 various pencil drawings via LECHAPERON. The introduction of these pencil drawings are a look behind the scenes of the creation of a character and it lets you get acquainted with different characters in their most pure form. This one year project presents you a piece of Carll Cneut, seen from another angle : stripped, unique and affordable.

→ Mark your calendar : every 15th of the month, a new sketch will be presented. Do not hesitate too long, because each drawing is a one of a kind ←

In 2015, LECHAPERON already introduced the very first reproduction of an original work by Carll Cneut (‘de blauwe vogel‘) on the market in a limited edition series. The collaboration between the illustrator and LECHAPERON continues with this unique series pencil drawings and a new reproduction of the original painting ‘Heksenfee‘.

I don’t need much to be happy ... having friends and family around and being able to do what I like is perfect.

Carll Cneut / Illustrator
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