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Pencil drawings Carll Cneut

12 exclusive pencil drawings by Carll Cneut : one sketch a month, one-year-long. Each sketch is a look behind the scenes of the creation of a character and it lets you get acquainted with different characters in their most pure form. The pencil drawings are the result of various character studies. By focusing on the making process of a character and making it permanent by means of a pencil drawing, the spectator is invited to look at the apparent simplicity with which a new character comes to life. Carll Cneut from another angle. Enjoy.

→ Mark your calendar : every 15th of the month, a new sketch will be presented. Do not hesitate too long, because each drawing is a one of a kind ←

Price range: 250€ – 500€

Maker: Carll Cneut

Product Description

From June 2017 until May 2018, illustrator Carll Cneut introduces 12 various pencil drawings. Each sketch will be different and therefore unique. This exclusive series of pencil drawings is a unique way to discover Carll Cneut from another angle : stripped, unique and affordable.

Illustrator Carll Cneut: “It takes a little while to get the hang of it. After much practice and sketching, then suddenly an individual with certain characteristics and behaviours is born. In this (sketch)form, a character is still very pure. Through the pencil drawings, people are invited to look at the making process as if they were sitting right next to me.”

I don’t need much to be happy ... having friends and family around and being able to do what I like is perfect.

Carll Cneut / Illustrator
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