Pine & Mint bowtie
The product Pine & Mint bowtie
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Pine & Mint bowtie

Gentlemen, express who you are with this Pine & Mint bowtie. Eliminate ‘boring’ from your vocabulary, because success is guaranteed. The carefully selected colours and fabrics make this bowtie ideal for celebration dinners, an evening out, work or simply strolling around in town. Whoever you are or whatever you do, this bow rises you ‘attitude’ level to unseen heights! No fuss with tying a bowtie because that’s already done for you. This ready-tied bowtie is easily adjustable by the strap around the neck.


  • Measurements : 12 x 4 cm
  • Material : cotton & wool
  • Color : petrolgreen (dark) and mintgreen (light)
Maker: Comme les loups


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Pine & Mint bowtieMint & pine bowtiePine & Mint bowtie

Product Description

Pine & Mint is part of a limited series of 10. Comme les Loups is known for its exclusive and handcrafted materials and its strong identity. Poetic, elegant and always with a playful twist. Each bow tie receives a name, characterizing its unique personality. This ‘ready tied’ bowtie is the right accent to your outfit. It adds attitude and reinforces your personality. Due to its carefully selected colors and fabrics, this ‘ready tied’ bow tie is perfect for any occasion. The strap around the neck is adjustable and therefore ready to be worn.

Knowing that people appreciate my work and products, is what keeps me going.

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