Poster Le Créateur Oeyen & Winters
The product Poster Le Créateur (without frame)
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Poster Le Créateur (without frame)

The poster Le Créateur is a limited edition series of 5 items. The image was created in 2012 as free work for the expo ’21’. Expo ’21’ was organised by the former Design Vlaanderen, celebrating 20 years of their Kwintessens Magazine. Several graphic designers were asked to design a poster for this event, representing their ‘personal statement’. The 5 last pieces are now exclusively for sale here at LECHAPERON. Continue to read to discover the meaning of the image. Maybe you recognise yourself in it.


Maker: Oeyen & Winters


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Poster Le Créateur Oeyen & Winters
Poster Le Créateur Oeyen & WintersPoster Le Créateur Oeyen & Winters

Product Description

The ‘little foolish man’ image of the poster Le Créateur is an interpretation, a personal statement by the designers, about their creative job as graphic designer : very often graphic design is a very demanding, labour intensive job that implies long working hours and low budgets. Therefore Oeyen & Winters integrated the letters Z O T (meaning ‘foolish’ in Dutch) in their typographical style as a starting point. “Because you have to be a little foolish to do this kind of job”. In addition to that, the word ‘ZOT’ also refers to the devotion and passion of this graphic duo for their job (‘crazy in love’ with their job) and the beauty that they can bring into the world through their profession. The text fragment of Erasmus ‘The Praise of Folly’ also refers to that.

The basic idea is to always try to tell a message in its simplest form as possible.

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