Reprint schilderij de blauwe vogel
The product Reprint painting De Blauwe Vogel
by Carll Cneut  275,00

Reprint painting De Blauwe Vogel

The reprint painting ‘De blauwe vogel’ is the first reproduction of one of the original works of Carll Cneut, a respected and internationally rewarded Belgian illustrator. It is a limited edition of #75 and tells the story about Mytyl and Tyltyl traveling through time, seeking happiness. Literally a treasure on your wall, numbered and signed by Carll Cneut himself.


  • Measurements : outside ca. 40 x 50 cm – inside 22 x 32 cm (The frame is not included. Happy to give you all the details about framing.)
  • Material : Hahnemühle paper (RAG 305)
  • Giclée print technique (for more info, see below)
  • Limited edition : only 75 pieces available + certificate
  • Free book (Dutch) of ‘De Blauwe Vogel’ (while stock lasts)
Maker: Carll Cneut


De Blauwe VogelKader CC interieurkader CC

Product Description

The reprint painting DE BLAUWE VOGEL is part of a limited series of 75. The painting image is part of the book ‘De blauwe vogel’. A famous tale that was originally a play, written in 1908 by the Belgian Maurice Maeterlinck. It tells the story about two children Mytyl and Tyltyl seeking happiness, that is represented by the ‘de blauwe vogel’. It was a very popular play and was performed in New York on Moscow to Tokyo. Maurice Maeterlinck became the only Belgian Nobel Prize Winner for Literature in 1911. In 2011, more than 100 years later after the Nobel Prize, the story was rewritten by Do van Ranst (author) and the characters were brought back to life by the unique paintings of Carll Cneut (illustrator). It became a dark, modern fairy tale, reinforced by the equally dark illustrations of Carll Cneut that perfectly reflect the magic and the symbolism of the story.

The image of the reprint painting De blauwe vogel refers to the sky-blue palace where Mytyl and Tyltyl meet their brother between many other unborn children. The small bags carried by the children, refer to the ‘weight’ that we all carry through life.


The ‘giclée’ printing technique is known for its high resolution effect whereby the image contains all the tonalities and the hues of the original painting. The original painting is printed on Hahnemühle paper to guarantee the highest quality. Each reprint is numbered, signed and provided with a Certificate of Authenticity and a hologram. The Certificate of Authenticity is related to one particular piece of art and the hologram protects the security and genuineness of this limited edition on Hahnemühle paper. The Digigraphie label on the certified papers stands for the lightfastness testing results (for more info, please visit

I don’t need much to be happy ... having friends and family around and being able to do what I like is perfect.

Carll Cneut / Illustrator
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