silk scarf pardes
The product Silk scarf Pardes
by Nathalie Van Der Massen  265,00

Silk scarf Pardes


Do you appreciate beauty and also think ‘practical’ at the same? This PARDES scarf is both. PARDES is a square scarf that is very versatile in wearing it because of its shape. The heavier texture (crepe Chine) with a luxurious, opaque appearance feels very pleasant and extremely comfortable to wear! It’s a keeper in your wardrobe!

Click here to see PARDES as a wallhanging.

Details :

  • Measurements : 130 x 130 cm
  • Material : 100% silk (crêpe de Chine)
  • Colours : yellow, blue, grey, black, white, green


Maker: Nathalie Van Der Massen


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Product Description

The silk scarf PARDES is part of a limited series of 20. The name ‘Pardes’ is a Hebrew word meaning ‘paradise’. The deisgner thought about the film ‘Pardes’ when looking for a title for this work. It’s some kind of a personal reference or a memory of what her work means to her. According to Van der Massen, textile as medium is situated between two extremes: there is a fucntional aspect to it due it its relation with the body and the potential applications of a fabric. And then there is a medium where – analogue to painting, glass- and ceramic art – the field of image, plain and matter is being explored. Pardes shows the symbiosis between the manual and the digital that results in a versatile print that could work autonomously or in different setting like public space, interior or fashion. Pardes can be used as a scarf or as a wallhanging. Click here to see more.


If you dare to let go, something beautiful will come out of it.

Nathalie Van Der Massen / Textile designer
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