Necklace Elisa Lee
The product Structure Okka Pokka necklace
by Elisa-Lee  160,00

Structure Okka Pokka necklace

Simple and beautiful, that’s the STRUCTURE OKKA POKKA necklace. Just add a little extra, a subtle sparkle, to your outfit when wearing this necklace…

Details :

  • Measurements : length 22 cm
  • Material : 925 silver, contains a clasp to open and close the necklace
  • Color : silver
Maker: Elisa-Lee


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Necklace Elisa Lee
Necklace Elisa LeeNecklace Elisa LeeOkka Pokka halsketting

Product Description

The maker of this simple necklace, Elisabeth Leenknegt, comes from a family of passionate glass artists. Following that tradition, Elisa Lee designs and creates jewellery out of hand-forged silver or gold and mouth-blown glass. Every jewel is the result of experimenting and finding new ways of using traditional techniques, whereby design and craftsmanship nicely come together.

Every Wednesday afternoon, I stayed at my grandparents’ home. My grandfather was some kind of ‘nutty professor’.

Elisa-Lee / Jewellery designer
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