Tray Charles
The product Tray Charles
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Tray Charles

TRAY CHARLES stands for timeless and sleek design with a touch of vintage for your interior. It’s a limited edition series of 15 items. The idea of this ‘house design’ has resulted from interior project that the makers were working on. One idea feeds another. This tray and 2 coasters contain the typical graphic lines and vintage look of the Belgian design label GRiNT.


  • Material : messing with foam rubber at the bottom (tray + 2 coasters)
  • Vintage look, protecting coating
  • Measurements: 350 x 320 x 26mm
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Maker: GRiNT


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Tray Charles
Tray Charles

Product Description

PLATEAU CHARLES was created by the Belgian label GRiNT. This label stands for playful and lively interior objects that are transparent and functional. The strong graphic style determines its timeless and sleek design. Simple and original, ordinary and yet distinctive. The love for craftsmanship, an aesthetic eye and the striking line and color patterns with graphic impact determine each end product made by GRiNT. The name GRiNT stands for Graphic design and Interior and furniture design, referring to the studies of the two creative brains behind this beautiful interior label.

Something magical happens by doing. One idea feeds another.

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