Treviso handbag Hanne beutels
The product TREVISO handbag
by Hanne Beutels  290,00

TREVISO handbag

If you love bigger bags as a statement accessory to your outfit, then this TREVISO handbag is a keeper. Very handy if you want to be sure you have everything with you. Act bold, think functional and be beautiful with the TREVISO handbag!

Details :

  • Dimensions : 38 x 46,5 cm
  • Material : suede & recycled leather, silver zipper, cotton lining
  • Color : beige / grey & black, blue cotton inside lining
  • Extra : long strap when using as a shoulderbag
Maker: Hanne Beutels


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Treviso handbag Hanne beutels
Treviso handbag Hanne beutels

Product Description

The TREVISO handbag / shoulderbag is the result of the combination of recycled leather and textile : the black side is made out of a recycled leather jacket and the textile comes from a leftover from the famous Belgian designer Dries van Noten. Every piece made by maker Hanne Beutels is exclusive and unique because  all of the fabrics that are used, are limited in quantity.

I work very intuitively, with a lot of eye for detail.

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