HUNACTURING by Lore Langendries

Hunacturing Lore Langendries


A couple of months ago, I contacted Lore Langendries for a cooperation with LECHAPERONunlimited. Lore is an artistic maker in the field of contemporary jewelry and object design. Her designs caught my eye because of the materials she used (animal skins) and the way she presented them. Each object is wearable and functional, and yet also essential in itself. I wanted to meet her, listen to her story and I wanted to know all about her making process ‘Hunacturing’.

57. Holstein LL 1401

Picture above: Holstein LL 1401 is the result of an exceptional combination of a grid existing out of identical circles, a natural cow skin and the reproductive lasercut technique. Differences in the thickness of the skin, hair growth and the color of the skin transform the mass-produced circles into individual artefacts, 366 brooches. The circle, as a pure geometric form shows the essence of the material in a close-up. The focus on hidden details gives a whole new perspective on the subject.

Sunday 29.11.2015, we had the opportunity to participate in a personal tour by Lore herself during the expo FOCUS in the fashion museum in Hasselt. This exposition shows the final result of her research about how to combine the reproducibility of a mechanical way of working and the human intervention of the maker in order to conserve the uniqueness of each object. This was made possible by use of natural materials, whereby each commodity – and therefore each product – stays unique.

Lore calls herself a “maker” because “designer” and “artist” don’t fully cover her approach and her role in the design and production process. She created her own work philosophy, named ‘hunacturing”. Hunacturing refers to the making process, fusing HUman, NAture and manufACTURING. This philosophy challenges the interaction between manual versus mechanical and unique versus serial.

Holstein LL 1401

For her research, Lore selected different fragments of animal skins of which the structure and / or the color were interesting. Then she transformed them into circular shapes by means of a laser cutting machine. This circle as a pure geometrical form shows the essence and beauty of various materials in their most elementary form. It allowed Lore to focus on a drawing in the skin, the natural hair direction and other specific details. The result is a beautiful collection of necklaces and brooches that can also be used as wall-hangings to create an instant surprisingly inviting effect.

Lore Langendries, doctor in Arts and a master in making wearable and unwearable objects. Similar and unique. And extremely touchable.

The expo FOCUS is still running in the fashion museum in Hasselt until 10.01.2016. Address : Gasthuisstraat 11, HASSELT – Website Lore Langendries :

Lore Langendries & LECHAPERONunlimited offer you the opportunity to buy one or more pieces of the Holstein 1401 LL collection. Register here if you want to be the first to know about it.To be continued.