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Very few things on our lovely green earth can’t be improved upon with a splash of color or an artful bow. Upcycle your small treasures with a little help from this luxurious LECHAPERON textile box by our very own Maker Lotte Martens or create something new. Choose from no less than 13 gorgeous designs and textures and let your creativity run wild. With this wonderfully diverse collection of fabrics, you can make your cherished items even more unique or personal. Here are just a couple of ideas to get you in the mood:


Baby shoes

Can you think of something cuter than baby shoes? Maybe it’s because I became mom for the second time that I wanted to share this example with you. Stop searching for inspiration if you need a lovely present for a newborn baby. Let your creative skills go wild and dive into the TOGETHER box! Take a look at the manual of the blog thatsewnina for more information.

(In the textile box, you can use almost any sturdy fabric that is equal or larger than 20x25cm (Tjaad felt wool, Niyona fake fur, Jemen felt wool, Bakajev))

Smartphone pocket or a cord holder

Searching for something smaller and easier to make? Try this one. I always find it difficult to find a beautiful pocket to storage and protect my smartphone. But if I were like you, I would make my own smartphone pocket. It’s even beautiful to look at it when you just leave it in the table as well J. While reading about the smartphone pocket, I also stumbled upon the great idea of cord holders. I couldn’t have thought about it myself, but these are stunning and practical at the same time!

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Coffee collar

As a coffee lover, you’re probably one of those people often walking around with a cup sticking to your hand. Or maybe you know a coffee addict that you want to surprise and put a smile on his or her face? Then try the coffee collar!

Download the manual of the coffee collar.

(In the textile box, you can use almost any fabric that is equal or larger than 10x30cm. This means that all of the fabrics can be used)

Mend your torn jeans

Have you ever heard of Kintsugi? It is the Japanese art of mending broken pottery by pouring resin mixed with powdered gold or silver into the cracks. The idea is to stop hiding flaws and damages and to make these broken things even more beautiful than before. Why don’t you apply this philosophy to your torn denim? Use a luscious, bright or intricately patterned piece of fabric and use it to patch up a hole in your favorite jeans. Rather than trying to hide the damage, it will become the highlight of your treasured piece of clothing.


Beautiful stools

We all have a couple of dingy old bar stools or a tattered footstool standing around the house. We keep them tucked away in our attics or hidden in a corner of the room, remnants of our good old student years or an heirloom from a beloved family member, and we’ve just never had the heart to get rid of them. The truth is that we like them around; we like what they stand for. And they’re useful, so why not give them the little spruce they deserve? For a good-as-new beautiful stool, spray-paint the legs in a rich or bright color and upholster the seat with a playful fabric. No sewing skills required: you can just staple the fabric to the stool. Et voilà: an eye-catching new piece for your interior.

A hanging bookcase or a smartphone holder

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives only one,” said Jojen Reed. Books are precious. They are gateways to other worlds and vessels for knowledge and enlightenment. It only makes sense to give them a special place in your home and heart. With a few wooden dowels, some rope and your favorite fabrics, you can create a wonderful hanging book holder for all of the novels that mean the world to you. A smaller version of this book holder is well suited for the family smartphones. It is the perfect ploy to spend more time focused on each other.

As you will see, there is so much to do with a simple piece of fabric. Consider the TOGETHER textile box as your ‘me-time’, your little playground to create the most beautiful pieces, your favourite waste of time…

When life gets you down, make art. Bring some more beauty into this world. It’ll make everything better, we promise.

Details Textile box TOGETHER:

  • 13 fabrics, textures and colours
  • Measurements : A3 / A4 / 9x75cm / 15x37cm / 30x38cm / 13x35cm
  • Material : felt wool, jersey, basics (67% polyester-33% viscose), leather, fake fur

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