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  • Back to the eighties

    I am a child of the 80s and I am not a stranger to a touch of nostalgia: Donkey Kong, the ‘Lolobal’, Tubble Gum, the ‘stair walker’ in rainbow colours, New beat smileys… Bright colours and geometric shapes were all that existed in the world of interior design. Even the clothing from then is distinguishable by its bright colours, oversized sweaters and shoulder fillings (I plead guilty for the entire line)…

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  • HOLSTEIN family reunited after 366 days

    On Sunday, the 12 February 2017 the time had come: The one year old HOLSTEIN LL 1401 project, a cooperation between LECHAPERON and artistic maker Lore Langendries, was finished. What started off as a wall installation of 366 individual brooches, transformed to a true HOLSTEIN family after 366 days.

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  • Inspirational fabrics

    Very few things on our lovely green earth can’t be improved upon with a splash of color or an artful bow. Upcycle your small treasures with a little help from this luxurious LECHAPERON textile box by our very own Maker Lotte Martens or create something new.

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  • Ideas for Valentine’s day

    The streets turn red and hearts are everywhere. Yes, Mr. Cupid is flying around again! Unfortunately, I don’t like Valentine’s day. More specifically, I don’t like the overall romantic layer of it, but I have to admit that I do like the broader idea of Valentine’s day as an occasion in which you express your love or friendship for each other. But actually, it doesn’t matter.

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  • Celebrating life : here’s to a slower 2017

    Take some time to make a list of the things that are truly important to you. Take care of yourself. Withdraw from the busy world into your wonderfully cozy winter cocoon. Let’s all take a step back this year. I promise it will make your life all the better.

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  • Thoughtful gifts

    Choosing gifts to exchange with your friends and family can sometimes be challenging. LECHAPERON selected some thoughtful gifts for you.

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  • Make gifting even more satisfying and nourishing

    Make gifting even more satisfying and nourishing with the HOLSTEIN LL 1401 project. Lines/Manner, tells you how and why she loves our project.

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  • December: a chance to think about things that matter

    While decorating the Christmas tree, my little boy, age 4, said to me : “Mom, when the tree is done, we’ll ‘cosily’ watch a movie in the dark…”. And after school, all the lights of the Christmas tree need to shine, while all other lights in the house need to be turned off. Yes, even this little guy is sensitive to the coziness and warmth that this period entails. A proof, a confirmation, that even the smallest detail can make a difference…

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  • Blue Bird. A gift.

    To honor Carll Cneut’s 20 year career in illustration, we are offering a signed copy of the book ‘The Blue Bird’ for free with every purchase of a print of his work on LECHAPERON. Read more…

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  • KNACK WEEKEND en Slow shopping bij LECHAPERON

    Producten kopen kan op verschillende manieren: argeloos snel of bewust traag. Vicky Janssen wil met LECHAPERON mensen de tijd geven om de makers van de aangeboden producten te leren kennen. ‘Alles gaat zo snel tegenwoordig. Er is een overaanbod.’

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  • Slow shopping door MARIE CLAIRE BELGIË.

    « Behind every great object there is a unique person. Behind every unique person there is a story worth telling. » Met die filosofie wil Vicky via LECHAPERON de maker, zijn object en de koper dichter bij elkaar brengen.

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  • Slowing down in a world that can’t.

    I have long thought that slowness can be a virtue. But today, it seems a difficult position to hold. When the world tells you to speed up, I hope LECHAPERON can help you to slow down…

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